Meet My Angels

The Beginning

This is the picture that changed my life in March of 2010. LITERALLY, changed my life. Read my first page titled The Beginning and it will lead you to where I am, when this picture was taken. From here, you can follow the events that changed my life and maybe you will be able to incorporate my experiences into your life to understand how to “be happy”and celebrate your journey. The viewing of this photo was my first “realized” step into my Journey of Celebrating Life instead of surviving life.

BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE between celebrating, living and/or surviving your life. Incorporate or compare what I’ve learned and experience into your life, see the comparisons that you haven’t realized or acknowledge yet. Let your light come on. Let your intuition be in charge, instead of your ego. Everytime you realize or become aware, you get a “baby step” closer to raising your frequencies, vibrations and/or awareness”.

They have been trying for many, many years to “get my attention”. I was completely blocked and unaware. I look back now (hindsight 20/20 thing) and I can’t believe how many 1000’s of times I just “blew them off.” Chalked it up to coincidence. They remind me or make me aware of different times in my life, events happened that I thought was coincidence and now realize it was them.  I called them OMG moments.Look at your old photos. Look at your new photos. I recently found Orbs and Angel mist in pictures dated back over 25 years ago.They are trying to communicate with you every day. Coming to this page is one of the ways they are trying to “get your attention” right now, today.

The difference is like night and day, the happiest to the saddest. I have experienced both. I’m sure you have too.  I would like to try to teach and/or guide you how to find “your way”  to the happy,  if you choose to do so. This is one of the reasons I have been blessed with the ability to see and take pictures of these loving beings. To share and help guide people like yourself to them, to understand their guidance and find your way, to your “path”.

You were guided to this page for a reason. There are no coincidences. EVERYTHING has a purpose and a reason for happening, precisely when and how it happens. The perfect choreographed  dance of the Angels. Baby steps. Puzzle pieces. It will all come together for you. You have been asking, begging,doubting,challenging and/or  praying for help… HERE IT IS.  Believe me, when I say, I believed whole-heartedly  in coincidences and I DID NOT, ABSOLUTELY DID NOT believe in miracles or Angels. I thought it was  full load of crap. Angels and miracles, that was for other people. Church goers, bible thumpers. I said in the beginning of this post, I was, past tense, a mean spirited person. Miracles don’t happen to people like me. Was I ever in for a surprise!  People who know me now have a difficult time believing that about me. The people who knew me “then”, inquire to what the heck happened to you?! You’re a totally different person.  I found my reason for flying without wings. You can too.

One of the key people who helped my get to where I am now is Jennifer Tavana and her husband Josh Beechraft.  They are listed on my links. Check out their web sites. They are 100 per cent the real deal. I highly recommended them both to you. I have many other friends and people who helped and guided me. Most of them can be found at the Higher Self Book store.  But Jennifer and Josh have been my biggest  TA DAH  Hooray for me!  I have spent more time with Jennifer and she now is a personal friend.  When I’m stuck, Jennifer usually calls me out of the blue and says so whats going on?, They said you’re stuck and could use some assistance. She already knows what’s happening. No clue from me. She’s amazing. The day she called me and said “whats up with the white cat,” that one blew me away.  I barley knew Jennifer at the time. You will enjoy that experience. Jennifer loves this story. I’ll have to save it for another post. I would say it’s uncanny but it’s just the way “they” work. Love you Jennifer. Hey friends from the Higher Self, you know who you are. Love you All! So check them all out. Someone will be able to help you. Guaranteed. This is a given, no doubt.

Two years ago I was guided to a free workshop by Jennifer and Josh @ the Higher Self bookstore. I had only been to the HigherSelf twice before, about 4 years ago. Not  my kind of store. Totally unaware of the concept. Now it’s one of my favorite places to be. My point being, they guided me to the store. I never would have gone there on my own. One of their special coincidences.  It what I call a big shove.

In the last two years and even more so in the last 6 months, that “non believing proof it to me load of crap” belief system has been completely flipped ,turned upside down, inside out,  around,and a quick kick to the seat of the pants, more than once. LOL. What a ride it is! Head First Fearless! Hold on tight.  It can and will happened to you if you chose it. Everything is free will and free choice.

After hundreds of miracles and  over 40,000  pictures plus video just in the last two years,( I’m a hard sell) I AM  NOW AN ABSOLUTE, WITHOUT A DOUBT, COMPLETE FAITH AND TRUST, BELIEVING INDIVIDUAL. “They leave NO room for doubt.  Believe me when I tell you, I was one of the biggest skeptics and mean spirited persons you would ever find. Maybe that’s why they chose me. I don’t know why I’m so lucky and blessed, just that I am.  I would like to help you be, too, if  I can. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn, and still is, WHY doesn’t matter, the important lesson is IT JUST IS. There is no good or bad or right or wrong.  YOU CAN’T FAIL. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU CAN’T FAIL. We are all the same. We are ONE. They love us all the same. IT’S JUST THAT WAY.  Don’t say not me. YES, YOU!

Through the next coming months I will share with you on how and what changed my mind.  With written experiences, pictures and videos. I experience miracles everyday. Even though the knowledge and awareness I have of them now, I’m still, every single day or night,  I am still amazed and astounded, every time, even though I know it’s them.

Here is an update of the picture  in this post, of who and what I’ve been made aware of since my first viewing of them in March 2010:  the beautiful yellow at the bottom,(looks like a peace sign from the 70’s doesn’t she?) is my special communicator and loving friend, Azreal. She is also my guardian angel, spirit guide and lovingly known as , “the leader of the pack”.  My spokeswoman.

The beautiful purple lavender is Archangel Metatron blended with Archangel Zadkiel. I have since found out there are several other “blended” together inside of one. One of the reasons for color changing and shape-shifting. I will go into further detail in other posts. Metatron (appears to me this way) when separate, he is a beautiful “hot pink or bright magenta.

You can see a post on my site of Archangel Metatron. When Archangel Zadkiel (also known as the Violet Flame ( St Germaine,) appears separate, he is a deep, dark, royal purple. When Metatron and Zadkiel blend together, they form this beautiful lavender circle.

The red circles always appear in a group of no less than four, in a “Protective Square”. Sometimes, they are brilliant red color and other times are very faint in color. They have appeared in all levels of vibrancy, as you will see in future pictures of them. The only information I have of them now, they are protecting and they supply energy. There are ALWAYS  at least four, and always in a guarded square. I have pictures of as many as twelve red circles, at various shades of red. They have never been smaller in size than in this post, but, they have been quite a bit larger. At this time, I do not know if there is any significance to size,  the importance of how many appear, or if there is any significance to the depth of color .

So there you have it. These are my first friends and guides. I have, since this picture was taken, been blessed with many, many more angels and light energy beings. They have all been gracious and lovingly shared their presence with me. They have asked me to share their pictures and my experiences with them, to you, and for you, to share them with your friends and their friends, so on. Just by looking at the pictures, they can connect with you and help you feel better. They call it energy healing with unconditional love.

They are here for Everyone. I am not luckier than you, or more blessed or special than you are. I’m just like you. My awareness and vibrational frequency is just higher at the moment. When you talk about them and share them, it will raise your vibrations, your frequencies and your awareness.  Baby steps. You can do what I’m doing and even more. WE ARE ALL THE SAME, JUST AT DIFFERENT LEVELS OR STAGES OF AWARENESS AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. Come and catch up with me. Celebrate your life. Love yourself. Please share them with yourself, your friends, and  your family. Let your light shine. Give them permission to help you.




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