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February 20, 2012










The reason for my post today from other channelers:

I’m a newbie, a work in progress, not quite fully awaken yet. I have had many questions over the last, almost three years about the pictures and videos I have been blessed to take. My main concern was who are you? What are you? Why are you here and why me? As they have always told me, little by little, baby steps, it will all become clear.  And it has, more and more every day. Faster and faster every day.

The two channelers that I have reposted are very eloquent and clearly communicate. I still have blocks, but required more help than “time” allotted. So I was so lovingly guided to Greg Giles and Mike Quinsey to help me help all who come, including myself.

You will notice in previous posts, I ususally received some type of guidance from them before “it” happens . The part I like the most, the “validation before the action”. They give me the information or the thought, I post it, either on site or Facebook, and then it manifests.

Like the post about my car with them all around and they kept telling me protection. It all falls into place of keeping me safe at all times from the Dark. I am a Lightworker. I knew I was a Lightworker, but I didn’t know what a Lightworker was. Now I do. I ask them often, how can I serve? What’s my next? I didn’t, at the time know what that meant, but I knew to ask those questions. Little by little information, my puzzle pieces as I call them, kept falling in to place, painting a bigger and bigger picture.

You will notice in one of Greg’s post, it says share all the pictures and videos. Main reason for this post today. I’m paying it forward. I am shining my light and helping those who are ready to come through. To calm you and help you know how much love and light they are. Some of you trust me now. Thank you for that. You can, return the favor, pay it forward to your trusted family and friends. HELP ME HELP YOU.

I have told them (my guides and Light Beings) many times. This is how our conversation went: ‘How the heck am I going to lead somebody somewhere and I don’t even know where it IS I’m going or the way there? That takes a huge amount of blind faith there. and how many times have we discussed my faith and trust. I have none. Next thing you want to do is take a stranger,blindfold them, alrighty then blindfold me too , put me in a car and let me drive down some dark alley, stumble through the dark, no clue what to do or say.  I always have a plan. Always. I don’t do the willy nilly  just do it thing.Thens It’s like hey, stop the car, get out here, let’s go down this dark alley,  whip open a door, now close your eyes and walk through it.  So do you see how well that is going to work out for me? None of this is anything I would do and now you are trying to get ME to do this. Their response was how would you like to be us trying to convince you this would be the best thing for you to do? )gotta love their sense of humor. I know they don’t stand a chance at convincing to do this, but they never leave me alone or force me to do anything. They just keep looking for another way to guide me. They have Faith and trust in Me, that one day I would “get it”.

On with the conversation: So I’m supposed to tell this person with me to  “Oh just trust me and go blindly through a dark scary door. Well what’s on the other side? Oh I don’t know I just “heard a voice and it said hey you go first . Now how well do you think that’s going to work? I know I’m not just going to go. I’m  a want to look and see and think before I do anything. I’m a planner.  I don’t know how to answer their questions. I’m kinda clueless myself on this. How many people do you think would follow me and do that. I don’t’ even want to go! This is where I fell behind. Which brought to my attention,*(they use music a lot with me) another song by Faith Hill that was not famous, if I should fall behind.

I loved that song the first time I heard it and I haven’t heard it in several years. Bingo, popped up out of the blue. Their “blue”. Then of course Greg  post that I mentioned last week that made me laugh, they said  you want references? This is where I decided, you either have faith and trust them or you don’t. Think about it Pam they have never ever left you or let you down. Not once not ever. All they have asked for is to consider the possibility of the possibility. A little faith. Just a little is all that is required to literally move mountains.

 After the hundreds of miracles, literally hundreds, after all the help, cheering on, lifting up, a lot of carrying me, after EVERYTHING they helped me with and guided me to and through. After everything . AFTER ALL THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS. I have over 200,000 pictures. Each one more spectacular than the next.

Always being here at a moment notice, and then of course the song come on by Tim McGraw that I haven’t heard in years, while I’m trying to decide what to do.  It was the last ‘push I needed to make a choice. The song was “Find out who your friends are.” How appropriate.   That’s is some serious nudging and guiding going on now. I burst into tears. Of course they are whooshing me like crazy,  I told them right then and there, from the deepest part of my heart, love and gratitude, I would run blindfolded thru any door, jump off a cliff, I would do anything for them and with them, because I know now, I would learn how to fly or they would catch me, like they have always said and they ALWAYS DO. Have no fear we are here.

I would fly with them anywhere, and I would help teach, heal, guide, coach, show, carry and turn on the lights,  for any and all who were willing.


Here we go again. I love them with all my hearts. They are my family. They are your family. Welcome them with open arms.  They are offering us what most of us daydream about. DREAM HIGH. So I let go the fear of what was on the other side of the door. Reset from something dark and scary to love and light.

When enough fear was released, the light was allowed to grow, the truth started shining through. I now understand what to do and how to serve. I didn’t understand why they always said sign off with Love and light. Now I know.

They had me stop taking pictures and videos for several months. That was a hard lesson. They told me you will not understand what the pictures are for unless you stop taking the pictures. Oh, well okay, NOW that makes sense! It took awhile but I finally stopped arguing with them about taking the pictures. Very glad I did. I learned how to communicate and shine my light.

 I have learned over the past years that events in my life “flow easily and faster” if I just go with what they suggest  instead of Ohhhh no, you tell me why first. They always would say have faith and trust. I was always “Oh no! Been There, Done That! It never turned out well for me so you either prove it to me or tell me why. Not this girl, not going to happen.

Their favorite saying to me at that time was, ‘Feed your Faith and your Doubt will starve to death. I like that one. What you appreciate, appreciates. Finally I let go of enough doubt and stubbornness, let go of the “tell me why first,” people will think I am nutso here and I will lose whatever creditability I have built up. So how is any of this going to help me, help them? So with all that said I stopped taking pictures and stop using my cards to communicate.

I waited and they started communicating differently with me. I had become so dependent on only doing it one way,my way, not broke, don’t fix it. Problem was it was broke, I didn’t realize it. That is why I was stuck on lack of communication.

 I wasn’t allowing myself to believe in myself, build confidence, self worth, accept my abilities or allow faith  and trust to grow in them for guidance.


That letting go of old energy patterns and ingrain thought behaviors is the most difficult part for most of us.


(my very early posts at the top of the banner asking for help and releasing will hopefully help the newcomers to the site)

Instantly huge shift into higher vibrations. Started to literally flying without wings. Huge happiness jumped in and clarity showed up.

So let go of the fear and doubt best you can. This part is really cool, simple as it sounds: ask them to take your negative fears and behavior, the same old ‘give them permission, ask them for help, be willing to let the negative be released and let in the love, the light.’

 Be willing to let in faith and trust. Then sit back and watch the miracles happened. It really is easier than you think. THAT IS WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK THE NEGATIVE THOUGHT OF IT CAN’T BE THAT EASY… SO THEN IT ISN’T EASY. You have just chosen to experience struggle, difficult not possible, doesn’t happen to me energetic experience.

 Anyone who is a regular here knows this whole scenario. Everything is vibration and energy. Thought is energy and energy manifest thoughts.  Your thought creates your reality. Especially if it is engrained thought energy and patterns, over years and other life times. Been there a long time.  Can be connected to a variety of different negative thought forms and deeply ingrained.

So back to the pictures. For the most part I stopped taking pictures. Occasionally here and there. So I kept asking what’s next? Put me in service. I am willing. I will do it. How can I serve? This is the part where I ended up with Greg and Mikes websites. Another whole story how that happened. Suffice to say I was Divinely guided to be there. All the answers to all my questions came flying through, ususally over night.

 I would ask “Galactic Light Beings” a particular question about something, and Bam, next day, it would be on Greg’s channel of the day. This didn’t just happen once or twice. It is an EVERY day event.

I have been asking “to go home” for a reunion or a visit. Come to find out, I have been, several times, when I sleep. I know, but it’s true.  

I have always been attracted to the huge orbs that come. Totally in awe and total bliss and joy when they show up. I haven’t seen them since August of 2011. They ususally came every 3 or 4 months. Really been missing them to the point of heartache.

I have been asking to see them for the last couple of weeks. I know they are my Star family and that is one reason I was so attracted to them.

So I’m getting ready to leave for work and it was  a very inspired TAKE THE CAMERA with you tonight. Really? I’m taking pictures again? Yeah! I was so excited.  I just knew it was going to be great! Your coming to see me aren’t you! Again the response was just take your camera. So I did.

I took a few pictures before work. They were awesome.(planning to post them with this post)

They were awesome but it wasn’t “who” I was homesick for. Then I was guided with Greg’s post about they would be here soon. Few more totally amazing pictures and videos, but not who I was missing and desiring to see. I trusted them. I just KNEW they were coming.

The pictures that I had already taken the last few days, I have since found out are to be posted for all to see to help them believe and be calm.

I had total faith that they were coming. I just kept taking the pictures. Still no show, but great pictures to share with you.

 Now I have to back up a bit. I have taken Fridays off from work so I could spend more time on the website fulfilling “my next of service’. I had plans of spending time on the site this last Friday. Then I was scheduled to work. Not happy here. I had a little flashback of what the heck is going on.  I thought my boss was looking for someone to take my shift and he was like no I didn’t ask anyone. You’re  still scheduled for Friday. No one would take my shift, couldn’t get out of it. Was not happy. Then Bing, the light came on.

You are going to work for a reason. Be grateful and go figure out why. As I was going out the door it was again: take the camera and let your light shine. Change your attitude. Your not very “bright”right now. You really want to spread that ? So I did the best I could. My bright light at the end of the tunnel was, well at least I am first out tonight so I can do some writing for the site when I get home. That helped lift me up. Must be working to get some extra money for something for an unexpected bill. So instead of being all negative and bitching to myself about “ oh poor me, I didn’t get what I wanted, I changed my mind set to yeah something great is going to happen.

 So I get to work and I find out as soon as I get in the door, SURPRISE, I am closer for the night. Yes, I did mutter a few unpleasantries at that time. Then a quick recovery. The girl who was supposed to close called off sick and the girl working for her was on a double shift, so she was going to be first out instead of me, (which was fair for her)  it was better than doing it all by myself. Now I was the closer, which meant I wouldn’t be home until at least 2:00 a.m. which I would be too tired to work on site and post pictures,  and story.

 I was upset only for a very short period. I stepped outside the box and just went with this is happening for a reason. Left it at that and set the intention to radiate as much loving light and energy as I could and send it out to all who I encounter. ALL IS WELL TO ALL WHO COME. Done, hit  reset switch for thought process. Life is great.

Maybe someone needed my energy and light to lift them up tonight.  Be thankful I was chosen to do this. I just knew it would be better for all for me to shine and spread love and light instead of sending out negativity. So that’s what I did. And of course it was “okay whoever is here helping me tonight, be of the purest love and light, highest and best good to all and harm to none. Turn on the light.

This is was happened next. I saw some of my oldest and dear friends and customers that I haven’t seen in at least 5 years or more. Not just one or two but like 7 or 8 different people. We were hugging and “spreading the love and light to them. Which I was informed they were in great need of. Then I made a lot more money than normally would make. I won money on a lost superbowl square, a lottery ticket, and a money drawing at work.

But the main reason I was there was this was going to be the only time these certain people would have been there. If I had left earlier, I would have missed them and all the money drawings. The money wasn’t important but it was nice because it paid for my gas into work and I put the rest into “my new soon to be born grandbaby fund” for my daughter to go shopping with. Pay it forward.

But the best part of the whole night was the pictures I took on the way home. Yes My Star family. The ones I have been homesick for and asking for. They were waiting for me when I got out of work. They went with me for a very short time but it was just what I needed.

 I am posting the video and pictures just like they channeled Greg, post all pictures and videos. SPREAD THE WORD. This is part of my Star Family!

I had been asking repeatedly for my next and how can I serve. The best and most efficient way for all that to have happened was for me to go to work that “unscheduled” night and stay late. I received just what I asked for. It just took me a while to realize it. When you ask for something, look for it to happen. You can find it, if you look.

 If I hadn’t of change my thought and attitude about going to work, I would have missed it all. Don’t fight about your guidance with yourself. I would have missed out on the opportunity to let my light shine, be in service and show you the way. I would have missed my Star Family! Yes I love and trust them all.

I am Lightworker. A beacon of love and light and I will show you the way, if you choose. Enjoy your life. Celebrate your life and SHINE SHINE SHINE.






It’s like the domino effect. Pay it forward. It was brought to my attention like this through a unfamous song by Garth Brooks.

If 200 people read this post and only one, just one person connects to what I say and they communicate this information to one other person that I missed, that may be the person who connects with 300 people to help shine the light and if only one person out of that 300 connects with 2 other people, then maybe one of the two will connect with 50 more and on we go, pay it forward. Keep sharing and sending out love and light. Treat people that way you would love to be treated. Smile at a stranger. They are part of you that you haven’t awaken to yet. Be ONE

The flip side, even if it this post goes negative and 200 people read this, they might say you should see what’s on that website.  Then they will  still come just to see. Yeah because maybe that will reach the one person who will connect will 3000 people .

Whatever way we find each other, we will have enough love and light to save Mother Earth and Ascend to

the 5th dimension of harmony; balance, light, peace, joy, truth, and LOVE.  As John Lennon so eloquently

put it in his song  IMAGINE: LOVE IS ALL THERE IS

So I see it as a win/win situation. One way or another light will shine through and love will prevail. The beautiful Beings from all galaxies, planets, and all Universes will find a way to reunite everyone who chooses.








Channeled Greg Giles October

Social networking is a tool long designed and planned to be implemented at this time of great transformation. The Internet and its many avenues of connection are by no means a convenient and coincidental innovation. The dark ages, signified by a lack of knowledge, are fading fast as we create a new age of light. Light is information, and it is the task of many millions of volunteers to make this light accessible to all who seek it. Primarily, two goals are to be met through social networking. The first goal is to fire up our planet’s new energy grid through the connection of a certain number of awakened beings. Through the hundredth monkey and domino effect, critical mass will be reached when a fraction of the potential incarnates awaken and connect with the collective consciousness of their awakened brothers and sisters. The second goal is to utilize social networking to paint our world in the colors of higher vibration, which not only serves as a beacon to the many newly awakened who may seek answers, guidance, and new friendships, but increases the frequency of our collective reality. Connect with the many like minded souls today on sites such as Facebook (use the search pane using related keywords to locate individuals or groups of like minded souls), and join us through the many online spiritual communities of Lightworkers, Indigos, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Arcturians, whichever communities throughout the World Wide Web you feel you resonate with. You are warmly invited and your participation is universally appreciated and more important than can be understood at this time from our limited 3rd dimensional perspective. Feel free to post any and all uplifting messages of love, hope, and inspiration, poetry, short stories, channeled communications, photos, or pieces of music that help raise the collective vibration of our planet. If a post inspires you, chances are it will inspire others, so feel free to utilize the share applications that can be found on almost every web page you visit.  Be the change you wish to see in the world, a world we are changing dramatically with each and every connection we create!

Channeled messages from the Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled Greg Giles February 12, 2012

Can you really be certain from who these messages are coming from? We see many of you at this time questioning the veracity and accuracy of these and other similar communications, and we ask you at this time just what about these communications are you not resonating with? Are our words not vibrating with the strings of love and light? Do these words not emanate tones of beauty, of freedom, of hope? Do these words not assure you of your incredible futures that await you just up ahead? What part of these transmissions are you not resonating with you? Are there parts of these messages you feel are being conceived and sent to our channels from agents of the dark? Do you feel the entirety of these messages are manifestations of the dark? We ask you to allow your intuition to guide you and quiet the portion of yourself that requires proof at this time, as much can be learned from these transmissions and it is solid proof you will never receive as this is not part of your assignments at this time.

Your assignments have been clearly outlined many times by now have they not? What part of your assignments suggest to you that solid proof will be furnished to you as barter for your services? Are you not guaranteed enough knowing that your ascension is just up ahead after your work here is completed? Do you not see how quickly your days are passing you by and how little time you have to wait to experience your true freedom apart from these limiting confines of the 3rd dimension? Have you not been assured that it is a paradise that awaits you and there is but work to be done to clear the path between you and the life you have always dreamed of? What is precisely causing some of you to begin to doubt these messages that are sent not to our channels, but to you through our channels? If our channels do not perform their duties according to our, the Galactic Federation of Light, high standards of accuracy, then we will discuss this with our channel and see to matters of improvement, and if improvement is not made than we will cease to share messages through this particular channel. To believe that we would stand by and allow even the smallest portions of our messages to be inserted by the dark is simply illogical, and a belief in this unlikely scenario is call for you to begin inner reflection and inspection, as it is your consciousness that is now being infiltrated by fear and its many aspects.

Distrust and suspicion are elements of fear, as these are symptoms of the negative vibration. A clearing of what is causing these negative vibrations within you is the matter at hand at this time that must be dealt with, as they do not simply go away by themselves, but grow and consume more of your light and cause blockages that can and will prevent light from reaching you. We suggest at this time that you who are beginning to doubt these and certain other sources of our information to review what our messages are intended to do. Our messages are not intended to force you or order you to do anything or obey anyone. Do these messages from us ever command you to do any such thing? Our messages are shared with you to lift your spirits high by painting a portrait of what awaits you at the completion of your assignments. Do they not deliver in this way? Our messages also seek to inform you of some of our campaign to remove the obstacles between you and the better world that so many of you wish for yourselves. Do our messages fail to inform you of these proceedings? Do our messages instill fear within you, or do they radiate with love? This is certainly a question you may ask yourself as you read our words. If these messages and others like them were truly instruments of the dark, what would be the benefit to the dark for all this effort? What purpose would they be doing for the Cabal? The Cabal does not wish to fill you with hope, with confidence, with determination to complete your mission. The Cabal wants you to give up your work for the light, for they clearly understand that is you, the Lightworkers, who are the greatest threat to their power and it is you, the people, who will soon inherit what has always been rightfully yours.

As we have clearly stated to you many times, we honor and respect all in every choice each of you makes and we honor the choice of all those who choose to believe our messages of light derive from the dark. All we ask at this time is that you carefully review your choice and find just what it is that has led you to this decision. That is all we ask at this time.

There are, of course, messages shared by those who consider themselves channels who are not, and there are those who claim to be channels who are agents of the dark. It is up to you to discern for yourselves which messages emanate of higher vibration and which are attempts to instill fear and control. At this point we see so many of you who possess this ability and we are so confident in you that you will be able to discriminate between these different vibrations. We say to you not to shut out these avenues of information, but to simply use your powers of discernment and follow your intuition as it will guide you to your truths.

We see from our vantage point so many of you making such great strides in your lives today, and we are so proud of each and every one of you for your efforts to persevere in these difficult times. As we have outlined you in the past, there are many institutions of your societies that must be broken down before they can be rebuilt, and today many of you are taking notice of these changes all around you. You see that your banking systems are crumbling under their own weight, and our Earth allies are seeing to it that the much needed changes will proceed as has been scheduled. Many icons of your banking and financial worlds will soon be toppled from their long-held positions of power and this will pave the way for your new financial system that is based on the universal law of abundance, and not on debt and scarcity as it is today. What a tremendous difference this will make for you all, even as there are still many of you who yet to completely understand what this means. To be simple about this, we will say that the economic system that you have come to understand and many of you still accept as the only viable option will be removed, leaving a void where your new system, based on natural abundance and the sharing of your vast resources with each and everyone on the planet, will be inserted. There is, and has always been, more than enough to go around, and each of you will share equally in the vast wealth that is soon to be made available to you. No one on your planet will go to bed hungry, and no one on your planet will ever again be forced to live in poverty. This is your new system.

The paths are being cleared for your new system by many dedicated members of your human family. These brave men and women work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring about the necessary changes to allow your new system to take flight. We assist our Earth allies where our strengths are needed, but again, it is not we of the higher realms that are doing this work for you, it is you that are performing these tasks. We applaud all those who have committed so much of their lives to help facilitate these changes, and we see your tremendous efforts paying off for the benefit of all. Continue on in your efforts as many walls are being broken down each day. Soon there will be no obstacle left in your way to initiate the new system, and we see humanity’s collective vibration rising tremendously at the news that such an integral part of their hardships has been obliterated forever.

We say to all of our Lightworkers, please continue on in your service as you are so near the completion of your assignments that you have been committed to for far longer than you may realize at this time. You will see the end of this difficult stage of your mission soon, and your next assignments are surely to be less burdensome for you. As we have said, we will be working personally with many of you, you can be assured of this, as it should be clear to many of you by now that we do not do your work for you, it is your world and it is you that must complete these tasks. We are here to assist you, to furnish you the proper tools and to train you in their proper use. How else can we do this without a personal relationship with you? We say to you we will be with you soon, not in spirit, but in the flesh, so we can get underway with many projects that, as you will soon understand, are necessary components of your new world. We will speak again soon. Be well dear ones.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Councils of Light 2/17/12

Posted: 17 Feb 2012 02:15 PM PST

Hold to Howard Hughes’ ‘A few Principles of Thought’.

There are 21 councils that exist and take a leading role in the affairs of your planet. We, in turn, voice our concerns and our opinions as to how your world should be governed and a vote is then taken to decide these matters. Many issues have been decided upon in this manner, and we at this time would like to discuss with you some of these issues.

The timetable for your awakening and return to full consciousness has been often discussed, and this is one of the key areas of discussion for some time within the councils. It has been decided that your year of 2012 would be the time for such an awakening, and many projects are underway at this time to facilitate this mass awakening.  How to bring about your awakening has also been a topic of much debate, and it has been decided that a slow process would be the best suitable method as it is felt a sudden awakening would be too great a shock for some of you. 

Further matters of discussion have dealt with issues ranging from how each of you individually would be awakened, and it was decided that those who knew you best would handle your individual awakenings as only they know what information you can handle and at what speed you could process it. This is why so many of you are being contacted at this time by your Star Families, and this is why so many of you are receiving clues in the form of dreams and other hints as well, as some of you are finding that your lives have contained some clues along your path that have been carefully placed to jog your memory and gently remind you of your past.

Some of what you may discover about yourself will be rather surprising to you, and some of you may be a little stunned by some of this information. Remember though, many of you have lived many lifetimes over a period of many eons, and as such have an incredibly long history relative to your brief lifespan of your current incarnation. Many of you have lived not only on another planet other than Earth, but some of you have called many planets your home over the years and still do so today. Some of you are from this galaxy, the galaxy you may refer to as the Milky Way, and others, even possibly members of your own Earth families or your close friends, are from distant galaxies throughout this universe.

We, the councils that govern this experiment called Earth, have brought you here and mixed and mingled all these different races from throughout this universe in order to conduct a great social experiment that sought to discover how you would and could all work and play together, and which groups fared better in these ways when paired with certain other groups. Many goals have been reached throughout this long and vast experiment, and large amounts of information have been gleaned from your interactions with each other throughout your many lifetimes. This great experiment is now drawing to a close, though keep in mind, this experiment is not over yet, and as a matter of fact, some of the most important information has yet to be extracted from your experiences. This calendar year of 2012 will see a great many new variables inserted into the experiment, and many eyes are upon all of you as you proceed through the sometimes radical changes and disruptions to your normal lives.

The introduction of extraterrestrial beings into your world is one major insertion into your reality that is scheduled to take place rather soon in the coming days ahead. We wish you all to know at this time that this is not an alien invasion, as we are your brothers and sisters from your home worlds who have designed this entire experiment and who have been watching over you for the entire span of all your incarnations. We would never let any harm come to you, and this is the case today just as it has always been.

We wish at this time to proceed with your awakening as it is soon that we wish to land on your soil and rejoin our space family members in reunion. We of the councils have concluded that the removal of your criminal Cabal is a necessary step towards this goal, and this is the current phase of our operation that we are engaged in at this time. Matters are proceeding smoothly, and we see arrests beginning shortly of these various men and women from many parts of your world. The removal of these dark hearts will allow for a far safer reunion with you, our families, as this will enable us to focus on pressing matters at hand rather than to continually monitor the dark and their plots to hamper our mission. 

These cabalists were also a key component to our overall experiment, as nothing you have experienced was by chance. Your reality was carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated from the outset, and the Cabal was allowed to flourish in order for us to gain very valuable research from their thoughts and actions as well as your, the people’s, reactions to their agenda to enslave you. This is one area of this wide ranging experiment that we deem a complete success, and our findings of all you have encountered and endured will be discussed with you, at length if you so wish, after the conclusion of this endeavor. This will be soon, as there remains little time left considering how many very long years you have all been a part of this experiment.

We wish at this time to thank each and every one of our participants and tell you how pleased we are for all your immense efforts through the many tests and trials you have endured in the name of science and research. Please remember that you have all volunteered for this experiment because you all felt the knowledge gained from it would be extremely beneficial to those who design and build this, as well as other, universes. Your efforts here will not soon be forgotten, and each of you is owed such a large debt of gratitude for your service in this regard. We of the councils thank you and applaud your efforts, and we wish to assure you at this time that this will all be over for you very soon and you will be returned to full consciousness and your Star Families, wherever they may be from, very soon in the days ahead. What a joyous moment this will be for you as well as your brothers and sisters from the stars.

You have been promised that your lives would change for the better very soon, and this promise will not ever be broken. Many of you left lives of great abundance and beauty before leaving it all behind to journey here, and all that you have said goodbye to will be returned to you just as it was left by you. There is nothing of your past that you will lose due to your time away and this includes all your fond memories of your friends and family.

There are also many of you who have not experienced lifetimes full of abundance and beauty such as some of your brothers and sisters have, but we have many surprises in store for you as much has changed since you have been away. Many worlds have been rewarded greatly due to your service here, and we wish you to know that so many from your home worlds have seen such improvement in their lives because of the work you have done and continue to do here. We are sure you will learn of these improvements upon your returns to your home worlds, and we are also sure your friends and family will have much to say to you about your journey here and all your tremendous efforts.

Today we would like to say thank you to all of you for your hard work and sacrifices, and assure you that you are soon to reach the end of this experiment and return to the lives you have all left behind. We of your star families are here waiting for you with open arms, and soon all your dreams and memories will be returned to you as was promised before you said goodbye so long ago.

We will be with you very soon, you have our word. Remember, no harm will come to you, and we wish you to assist to assure your brothers and sisters of who we are and our reason for being here. In time, all will understand and be returned to full consciousness, but for now, many souls will need your guidance and assistance to get through these challenging times. We know many of you will respond to this call, and we thank you again for all your efforts in this regard.

We wish you to know your safety is being looked after as we head towards your ascension into the higher realms. Much work will be done in the days ahead to ensure as smooth of a transition as is possible, and we request your assistance in these many and varied projects. ‘Help us help you’ is our motto today, and you can help yourselves greatly by learning to accept us as your brothers and sisters, for indeed we are.

Looking into these matters further, we see a date now when we can get underway our disclosure announcements, as your governments have refused to cooperate. They will, in time, be replaced with proper functioning governments who have nothing but the people’s best interest in mind, but for today, let us focus on one task at a time. We wish at this point to begin our own methods of announcing to your world that we are here, and these various programs will begin shortly as situations allow. We have a meticulous plan for this as well, and you can be assured all of your world who wish to see this greater picture will have all the information made available to them to see this new reality that they are being offered. There will be many of those who decline this new reality, and their wishes will also be accommodated. Please honor everyone else’s free will choice to experience any reality they so desire, as they know best what is right for them at this present time. All will benefit from this experience in their own unique way, and what may be best suited for one, may not be suitable for another. Understand this, and honor the laws of free will and choice as others extend the same courtesy to you.

There are many different beings here at this time of many different levels of advancement, and we must learn to tread lightly when others understandings and realities are concerned. Again, you would not be here if we did not feel you could handle this assignment, so we are confident you will abide by these terms of your incarnation. Soon you will be surrounded only by those of like mind, and you can then engage in mutual conversations of your choice freely as you wish. Today, however, you must be careful to gauge who it is you are speaking to and how much of this life-changing information they are responding to and are interested in discussing. This is no easy task, but what of your assignments this far have been without challenge? We know you can do it, and so do you. Continue to spread the news of our existence and our presence here in your world keeping this discussion in mind, and we wish you great success in your efforts to inform those who accept this information as to our imminent reunion with you.

Keep your eyes to the skies and your ears to the news media for signs of our arrival and of the many arrests we have spoken of. Events are soon to get underway that will begin the great many changes to your world and your lives. We are confident this will be a most enjoyable time for all of you who do not allow fear to dampen these proceedings. Nevertheless, we will go ahead with the scheduled events as the time has come for these next stages and they cannot be delayed any longer. Much work needs to be done, and each day from now until the end of this year will be filled with the many tasks we must accomplish together, and together we will see this done.

We have a meticulous schedule we must adhere to, and we are certain that upon learning more of what these tasks are and what they mean to accomplish, you will also share our views of how important it is that we stay on schedule and do not allow ourselves to fall behind. Everything we are doing today and everything we have planned is of great importance, and we wish you to bear this in mind as we move now forward with the next phases of the operation. Stay alert for updates and for the initiation of these events as they will begin shortly and you may not have further word or advanced notice of this. Now is not the time for distractions, and we wish you all to know when you begin to hear of these events that it is not a drill or a test of systems, but the commencement of all we have previously discussed with you, our agents in the field.

Now is the time for action, and it is action you shall now see. Remain alert. Stay prepared. The changes will be sudden and their scope far reaching. Your world needs many upgrades and changes, and the time allotted for the setup and launch of these programs is now short. We ask you for your continued assistance to see these changes affected as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we have great confidence in you that you all will do your best to see this goal reached as you have always done.

Not knowing what precisely your future holds for you can be a rather daunting task, and we try to see this from your eyes. Keep in mind you will be safe as long as we can be with you to prepare you for any uncertainties. We are very experienced and trained to deal with any and all global threats, and we are anxious as well to get underway with our many projects that will help to ensure your safe passage into the higher realms. It is up to you as a collective whether you wish our assistance or not, and we await your collective decision. Send out your signal to us that you are willing to accept us, and we will receive your message. When a great enough percentage of your human family are willing to accept us, we will begin the initiation of our introductions to you. This is the way it must be, and we ask our Lightworkers to continue your efforts laying the groundwork for our arrival.

We do see this day approaching rapidly due to all the efforts of our volunteers, and we thank you greatly for your continued assistance which is invaluable at this time. We will also assist in this regard by allowing increased sightings of our ships to further facilitate the public’s awareness of our presence. Please share this photographic as well as videotaped evidence through your online communities, as this is the greatest tool at your disposal at this time. Please try to make this evidence accessible to many others as well that may not be members of your advanced groups and communities. This is of key importance at this time, as not many areas of access to this information is being made available to them at this time. We do have certain allies within your media outlets, and soon their services will come into play, but for now, this task is primarily on the shoulders of you, our Lightworkers. We are confident you can get the job done, that is why you are here, and we know you will give this area of your assignments the attention and effort required. Again, we thank you greatly for your continued hard work here on this planet.

For many of you this is your very first assignment, and we wish you to know you’re doing a very fine job and we look forward to working with you again in future endeavors. Please be a little more patient with matters on our side of the curtain, as our mission unfolds not only according to our schedule, but conforms to the developments which you are responsible for. If all of you who read our words also took action to spread them to others, then we feel matters would be proceeding faster than they are at this point. Please continue to share all related information pertaining to our presence and mission, as this is a most suitable means to hasten our arrival and reunion with you, our human family. We will also do all we can to facilitate this reunion with you, and we see that this day is not far off as much headway is being gained every hour of every day.

Mind your brothers and sisters at this time, as many will need guidance and assistance to get through these challenging times. We see so many of you coming to the aid of others, and we cannot tell you at this time how pleased we are with all of you that have responded to your call and have chosen to assist your human brothers and sisters in this way. From all we have seen of your journey together from the early beginnings to today, we can tell you that you have all come so far and have grown so as beings of immense wisdom and knowledge and love for each other. It was not long ago when many of you warred with each other, and today you instead come to each other’s assistance to help each other in your times of need. How incredibly heartwarming this is for us to witness, and we wish you all to know how loved you all are and how we so greatly appreciate everything you have done and continue to do. 

We are your families from long ago, and we look so forward to our reunion with you, our star brothers and sisters. We will be with you again soon. We of the councils of light say goodbye to you for now, and wish you to know it has been an honor to speak with you today.  

As channeled through Greg Giles

CHANNELED BY Greg Giles February 19, 2012

You want answers. Please quite yourself for a moment. There will be certain events unfolding within the next few days that will alter the course of your lives on Earth. The mass arrests we have spoken of will begin in earnest, and we would suggest you prepare yourselves for this. We see some disruptions to some services, but not many as these beings are taken into custody, and we would like all of you who have informed yourselves of the importance of these events to share this information far and wide and also educate others as to their relevance.

Be on the lookout for the initiation of these arrests that shall begin very soon. Our Earth allies are in place and are prepared to undertake this massive endeavor. Large numbers of men and even some women will be taken out of your society and into custody where they can no longer interfere with your lives and the proceedings of the events set to unfold in your world.

We would like you to know that great sums of time and effort have been put into the planning stages of these proceedings, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like at this time to thank all our allies in the field who have dedicated so much of their lives to seeing this plan blossom. Humanity will be set free upon these arrests and this we feel is certainly a cause for celebration, and it is celebration we would be very pleased to see. Celebration will help to create the necessary energies that will allow others to feel what this event means to them, as many may be puzzled and even frightened by these proceedings.

There is nothing to be frightened about. These arrests are an important step on your way to ascension and you, as a society, will immediately begin to reap the benefits of their success. Many arrests will occur simultaneously; however, some arrests will follow on successive days. We will do our best to see to it that no disruptions to these arrests are made by outside influences such as the portions of militaries that have not aligned with the plans for your new Earth. They will also be dealt with in due time, but for now, we will simply keep them neutralized so they cannot thwart any of these proceedings.

We always have your safety in mind as a top priority, and we strive to see to it that no harm ever comes to you. Be advised, the cabal wishes to interfere with these arrests even though many of their ranking officials have agreed to surrender to authorities. They will fail at any attempt to stop or slow these proceedings, and we will see to it this is the case and protect our Earth allies and the public as to the best of our abilities.

Keep your eyes to your media outlets. It will soon become clear to you which companies have agreed to cover these events and which ones declined to be a part of this coverage. This will also give you a clue as to which media companies have agreed to align with your new system and even give you some insight as to which media companies will assist in the coming disclosure announcements. In time, we see all media companies complying with the new direction, but for now, the few who have made the commitment will suffice and we thank the men and women of these companies greatly for their courage and commitment to assist in the implementation of your new system. 

Your new system will begin to come online within days of the removal of these obstacles who have thwarted every attempt at the initiation of the programs necessary to implement your new system. This is why they are being removed from your society, as we saw no other choice as their stubbornness and arrogance saw no end. This is the bed they have made for themselves and now they must lie in, and it will be quite some time before many of them achieve the necessary restructuring they need to again enter a society freely. We will make sure of this, as other souls need to be protected from these dark hearts.

Your society will also be shielded from these planners and schemers and be free to flourish to heights never before seen on your planet. To reach this goal, many changes will need to be made that will seek improvements in every conceivable area, and these changes will begin immediately upon word that a suitable number of these dark ones have been taken into custody.

The charges against these individuals will be varied, and there will be many charges levied against many of them. This will ensure they cannot wriggle their way out of these proceedings and reenter your society and once again wreak havoc on your systems. Please give us your support and demonstrate this support to others who will not immediately understand these proceedings, and take the time to inform them what they are all about and how their lives will now improve dramatically now that those who have plotted and schemed against them for many decades have been removed from their positions of power. Assure them that all is well, and in fact, have not been better for many long years and that your society will now reap the many benefits that can now safely be made available to you.

We have a long series of projects lined up that are ready for implementation, and we know many of you will be quite pleased and excited at what is in store for you. You will receive a new financial system as the old system of corruption will now see its last day with the removal of those behind its corrupt mechanics. Your new system will be based on equality and fairness, and each and every one of you will enjoy the natural flow of abundance that is rightfully yours and has always been. The men and women who you will soon witness being taken into custody have successfully plotted and schemed to keep you from experiencing your natural state of abundance, but upon their removal you will now receive what has been denied you for so very long.

We will discuss with you further your new financial system in due time, but let us today focus on the removal of these dark ones from your society. Stay alert and remain vigilant for the launch of these arrests as prior word may not be given to you. We will say that we, as well as our Earth allies, have given our signals that we are all set to move ahead with the operation and we see no delays or stoppages to our mission. Again, your safety is always a top priority with us and we will be on guard for you at all times and protect all of you as best as we can.

Please inform as many as you can as to the nature of these arrests and what they mean to your society as to strengthen the impact of them, as the many projects scheduled to follow depend upon the mindset of your people. We feel the momentum created by this event will be sufficient for us to launch the follow-up programs, and under the proper circumstances they will begin to be initiated immediately upon the conclusion of these initial arrests. Many other arrests will follow as well as the tentacles of the Cabal reach far, but we are confident these initial arrests will sufficiently clear the path for the initiation of the next phases of the overall operation. We promise you dear ones this will be quite a show and well worth waiting for.

You will be kept abreast of any new developments and other plans for the next phases of the operation through our channels, and soon we will be able to begin communications with you through some of your cooperative media companies. You will be able to witness these arrests for yourselves through certain media outlets, and we advise you to monitor your media and inform your brothers and sisters of which companies begin coverage of this event as it is important as many of you as possible witness these proceedings as this will be the signal that humanity is finally free from their oppressors.

We wish you all to know this day could not have been made possible without the tremendous efforts of all our agents in the field that we respectfully refer to as Lightworkers, and each and every one of you who have worked so hard to clear this path to your new reality. We thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to bring change to this world, and promise you that you will reap the rewards of all your efforts.

Keep in mind as you proceed into the coming days and the events they will have in store for you that we wish you to remain calm and balanced and to respond to the call to assist your fellow human family members if fear shall overcome them upon these arrests which may be startling for some. Not all will react to this news as good news, as many will see this as a bad sign or a rude awakening from their slumber. We ask you, our Lightworkers, to do what you can to calm others and reassure them that all is well, for indeed it is. Your planet is now on a firm path to ascension, and you will soon be welcomed into your Galactic community. This is an honor, and with this honor comes many new responsibilities and we wish you to know what this entails.

Firstly, as a member of a Galactic community you no longer possess the option to settle your differences with war, as war has never been a viable option. All of your differences shall be handled democratically, according to a proper discussion of the opposing viewpoints and a vote. There will be men and women overseeing your affairs who are highly trained and skilled to see to it that all your differences are handled in the proper and peaceful manner. There shall be no other means to settle your differences permitted if you wish to remain a member of your Galactic community.

Secondly, all the pollution of your world must be purified, and no further polluting of your planet will be tolerated. We will supply you with the technology and the training necessary to accomplish this goal.

Furthermore, we must insist that you all begin to treat each other with the respect you all deserve. Racism, bigotry, and hatred on any level is not suited for worlds that are members of the Galactic community, as this sort of behavior can be seen as a virus or plague and cannot be allowed to spread throughout this and other worlds. 

The planets you will be joining in a peaceful and cooperative alliance have themselves shed their 3rd dimensional skin, and have experienced similar challenges and tests just as you have. To permit their worlds to fall backward after they have come so far because we allowed worlds who continue to exhibit signs of lower dimensional behavior to interact with them would be a dereliction of our duties as one of the management teams of this galaxy. We are sure you understand this, and we are certain you will agree that once your world enjoys the advancements of a Galactic society that you too will not wish worlds that may have the power to destroy all you have accomplished to interact with you.

Please understand, we do not wish to control you or force you to do anything you do not as a collective wish, and you do possess a choice at all times to withdraw from the Galactic community and once again isolate yourselves and be quarantined until you once again decide to make a commitment to higher dimensional ideals and virtues. We are confident that once you begin to experience what it is like to be a part of the Galactic community you will make great effort to maintain your communities and to continue to advance as a Galactic society. Not only will your world receive the benefits of advancement, but so too will you, as your programming will be advanced and you will enjoy many new attributes of your physical vessels. We look forward to assisting you in making this great leap from an isolated third dimensional world to a fifth dimensional Galactic civilization, and we are honored to be permitted to be your guides for this momentous occasion.

Please work with us as we do all we can to make this as smooth as a transition as possible, and please remember to look out for your fellow brothers and sisters who may need your assistance. You all have gotten here together, and together you shall continue on into the higher realms of this universe. It has been a very long journey for many of you, and we say to you that all of you have gone through many very difficult experiences and tests of your will and determination. This is why you are the ones here today, as it is you that have demonstrated that you have earned your right to be here at this time. There can be no other way, and you all deserve such credit for your achievement to grace this stage today. We salute all of you for choosing to be here through these difficult times, and say to you that your struggles will finally be over for good very shortly as we proceed with the purification of your world.

Remain patient. We assure you that you do not have long to wait now. The next phase of our operation is about to commence, and you will see just what we have been so busy with for many long months and years. The scope of these proceedings is quite enormous, and we are sure many of you will soon see just why none of this could be rushed and patience was instead called for to see the desired outcome achieved. These many investigations and legal processes took many thousands of hours of manpower, and the men and women of your human family who have taken part and have given these processes so much of their time, effort, and dedication, deserve much gratitude from their fellow brethren, and we see a day soon when you will have the opportunity to make your appreciation made known to them.

Until then, continue to do all you can on your side of the ball setting the table for these many connected events. We see all the hard work so many of you are doing and we thank you greatly for your efforts to bring about the changes that will clear the path to your new home and your membership within the Galactic community. The benefits of which are great and are many, and we are confident you will clearly understand that all your hard work has been well worth your efforts. Continue on now with your work and expect to see fireworks in the near days ahead. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. You have earned all you are to receive and this is your day, and we wish you to all enjoy it as it will be a day worthy of celebration. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light

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SaLuSa, February 17, 2012

With sufficient faith there is nothing that you cannot do, and you have yet to understand how powerful you are. You are creating all of the time whether you realize it or not. Through many lives it is you who have created all that you experience now and you are probably surprised at how it is. Remember that you have not often exercised those powers to stop the march of the dark Ones. Whilst it is true their actions have been very devious, there has been little resistance to their aims. However, just of recent times you have begun to understand what has been going on around you. Without necessarily realizing what you were achieving by focusing on a different outcome, you have created energy for change that has grown immensely and opened up a powerful time line to Ascension. Now you see more clearly what you need to do to bring this cycle to a successful conclusion.


Look around you Dear Ones, and see the signs that are there for all to see, as out of the seeming chaos the new beginnings are becoming apparent. You are correctly hearing of a world plan by many countries to topple the Illuminati, and present the world with a new system that creates a new deal where financial matters are concerned. It will remove the illegal structure and methods that have placed you in a debt ridden society that is in danger of collapsing. Having reached this point, if offers the very opportunity that can be taken to implement it. It will remove the burden that so many of you carry, and the hardships it is causing. More importantly it will enable wealth to be re-distributed, much of which has been acquired by criminal actions. You have been deliberately kept poor as a way of keeping you under control. Likewise you have also been kept ignorant of your status and history, which is why you are to be fully informed of your past and reason for being on Earth.

Life can be absolutely miserable, and lack the niceties that most other people have, but bear in mind that it is part of your experiences that you have undertaken. At different times you have lived in luxury and wielded power, but for balance in other lives you have experienced all different levels. We hear the cry, “Why am I here” as there does not appear to be any apparent purpose, but what you are in is an ongoing experience that is lifting up your level of consciousness. The ultimate goal is to prepare you for a return to full consciousness and Ascension, so that you may at last leave behind duality as you know it. Some wonder what they must have been like in previous lives, but do not concern yourselves too much about them. At some stage you will have the power of full recollection, but the important part is that you have learnt from them, and the details are irrelevant. Today is what counts where you are concerned, as you are the sum total of all of your experiences. For many of you it is one that proves you have evolved sufficiently to understand the nature of unconditional love, and that is a most wonderful achievement.



Now more than ever, there is a need for people to come together to use their collective power to move forward and help manifest the needed changes. Talk amongst yourselves, as many are puzzled by what is happening and truly do not understand what is behind it. The truth is going to shock them and fear is likely to result, and this is where you can give re-assurance that all is shaping the future, and it is one that will be welcomed. Since there are going to be changes for the better in virtually every aspect of life, it is clearly something to be desired. We of the Galactic Federation have a hand in what is happening to ensure fulfillment, and are allowed to assist providing it is in accordance with your wishes. However, in the larger picture you are looking at a Divine Plan for the Ascension of the Universe.



Having come such a long way and about to reap the rewards of your journey, it requires that final resolve to keep your eyes on the finishing line. Do not be distracted by some last attempts of the dark Ones, to draw your attention to the increasing amount of disinformation that is around. Naturally until they can no longer influence the media and relinquish their control, they hope to cause confusion and doubt. By now those of you who have moved into the Light, should not really have any problem in sorting out the truth against the false reports. Generally you can take it that if it does not feel right, then it is not right. Time will tell all and when we open full contact with you enlightenment will be the order of the day. They will be wonderful times when you shall be released from the heaviness of the lower energies. Many brave souls have stepped forward to start bringing the truth out, so identify your heroes and stick with them.

So much information has been released lately, that the dark Ones cannot plug the leaks. So keep you eyes open and learn firsthand as the secrets are unraveled and the truth comes out. The media will soon have to allow free reporting; as it has a duty to keep you informed but hitherto has been rigidly controlled. It will be totally free once the Illuminati have been removed, and that action is becoming more likely as each day passes. The secret forces that work for the light have never been idle, and now close in on those who are in the seats of power. They know now that they cannot hold onto them, and are being forced out. It takes time, but is going to be successful with our help.

The collapse of the old is not a pretty sight or a pleasant experience, but it has to be done. As best as




possible the changes are planned to be quick and precise, but there will always be difficulties as some will oppose what we do. We have a mission that started hundreds of years ago, and we will not be thwarted when we are so near to finalizing it. The most enjoyable part is to come when we can meet you and go the final stretch together, and do so as one family of Light. Your hardships will be over, and by then you will be fully aware of your true selves, your purpose and place in the Galaxy. At present you are but a shadow of who you really are, and have little idea of what it is like to be in the Oneness of All That Is. It is bliss and peace that you cannot imagine, but it is not that far away anymore and awaits your presence.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and eagerly wait for changes that will allow us greater contact with you. We salute all for your great resoluteness.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Tree of the Golden Light

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