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TAKE A DESI RIDE             

This video is one of my two beautiful daughters,Rebecca. The beautiful paint mare is my horse Desi. (short for Destiny, she fits her name well) I’ll start from the beginning. Horseback riding is something I love to do, but is not on my top 5 lists of things I excel at. Actually, truth be told…it’s not even on my top 20. LOL. On the flip side, my daughter Rebecca is a very accomplished rider.             

So my intention, ever since I watched Bonanza, so many years ago, at the ripe old age of eight, was to have a beautiful paint horse, just like little Joe Cartwright.  Here she is. Desi is that dream horse. Dream come true.             

I got all grown up and moved to the “big country”. How I came to receive Desi is another story for another time. The short version, Desi was traded to me for a little foal named Storm, that was born here at my “little piece of heaven” farm, that is affectionately called Belly Acres Farm.             

Desi was exactly my kind of horse. We are perfect for each other. She doesn’t like to run unless there is food involved. I like the very slow “lopsy dopsy” slow stroll down the road. Desi always was the last horse on the trail. My brother Tom would also laugh and call Desi, “Pokey hanas” when we rode together.            

Desi had a main artery severed in her back hock, when she was 4 years old. At times, usually about an hour ride,  causes her pain.  So when Desi is done, she is done. No if, ands, or buts about it. She is done. Ride over. I usually time it out for a 45 minute ride round trip.          

She does like the occasional little walk, at her own pace which is 2 speeds.Very slow and stop. Which, considering my riding abilities is fine with me. Desi doesn’t use a bit. She will do anything you ask her to do… as long as you ask her nicely. That being very important information. Ask nicely.           

Everybody responds better when you ask nicely, especially animals. That is one very important lesson Desi has taught many who ride her. Take your time. Enjoy the view. Relax. Breathe the fresh air. Go with the flow. This is fast enough.   Take a life break Smile. It’s contagious         

Desi rules for a enjoyable relaxing walk in the woods. No yanking on the reins, no smacking me with reins and absolutely, and I mean absolutely no kicking in the ribs of any kind. Not necessary with Desi. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ll will take you where you need to go, at the speed you need to get there in. We both can enjoy the journey at the same time. Breathe the fresh air. Enjoy what is right in front of you, right now. Tomorrow will take care of itself.             

ENJOY THE RIDE.            

Okay Big Surprise for me while I’m writing this. Big whoosh. Big realization for me as answers to what has been going on in my life the last week.            


 The message behind writing this story. Switching channels for a moment.             

One reason I was inspired to write this today is a message “our friends” are giving me and also you.  Let your journey in life be a “DESI RIDE”. WOW… what a realization they just hit me with. I have been trying so hard to find out what to do next and just get me there! Let’s go! I’m ready! Give me a map! Give me directions. Just do SOMETHING!           

Literally just screaming at them “I don’t know what you want me to do, try something else!              


TA DAH this article is the something else. It’s time to take my own guidance to you and take a Desi ride myself. This is exactly how this whole process works.  So okay back to the original miracle of this video.             


My daughter Rebecca wanted to compete in some  horse riding competition events in our area. Her horse Liz, was too old, Desi’s colt, KC was too small and green. Last option… try Desi. Rebecca laughed and said “Mom, you know Desi’s isn’t going to run for me. You remember what happened the last time I rode her?            


I told Rebecca, just give her a try.  See what she knows. She has run barrels, done dressage, and other events, was the information we had from the previous owner. However, because of Desi’s injury, the previous owner, had stopped the strenuous competition and traded her to me. We had never “tested” Desi to see what she was capable of doing. Desi had healed. It had been several years since her injury. Desi will be 16 years old this May 2011.             


So Becca set up some barrels in the back pasture and decided to give it a try. However, it did not turn out well in the short term. Has a fantastic ending. This part of the “story” took place aproximately in 2000-2001, when Rebecca was 16 or 17 years old.             



As you see in the video and by the end of this story, it was a very well learned and grateful lesson for many. Including all who read this article and learn by example today.             


A few human errors were involved in the first attempt. Too close to home, Desi’s colt and others horse buddies within earshot and dinner time. Dinner time was the biggest error. Desi loves to eat. One of the most noticeable thoughts we had when we arrive at the horse show  in 2010, was how much bigger Desi was than all the other horses. Okay, fatter, than the other horses.             

Meanwhile, back in the pasture in 2001. Things went well at first. I reminded Becca of the Desi Rules. Rebecca abided by them for a while. Desi did her perfect walk around the barrels. I watched from a distant from inside the house. I could see Becca was getting impatient with Desi. Desi had her mind made up. This is fast enough. I’m getting where I need to be at my own pace and I’m just fine with walking around barrels. No need to run, right now, this minute.Well, obvious to Becca and myself its called barrel racing for a reason. Becca tried everything to get Desi to go faster. Not happening.             

I couldn’t take it any longer. I just had to go out there.  Momma instincts kicking into high gear now. I asked Becca if she wanted me to give her a try. She said sure, at this point I’m willing to try anything. So I jumped on Desi and around the barrels we went  at a slow trot. Desi and myself have an mutual understanding and respect for each other. We are very good friends. I was enjoying myself. She would have broke into full speed, but I was totally lost and didn’t know which way to go around the barrels. Panic set in.  Riding a horse full speed around barrels was not going to happen with me sitting on top of the horse. Yes , Chicken Sh-T would be an appropriate name here. (Desi rules would have been great here. I should have just let her go and went with the flow instead of letting the fear and control jump in.  She knew the right path to take. I’m still learning.)            


So I jumped off and Becca was “how’d you get her to do that?! I don’t know. I just “kissed” at her and said C’ome on Des, let’s go and we  just “went”.  (life is the same way, if you let it be.)So Becca is now more determined then ever. Desi is just as determined not to. So the battle begins. Any one with horses knows, once the battle starts you have to stay until it “ends ” on a good note, or it will be worse the next time out.             


So now I have two very determined females who have both set their intentions in opposite directions. I know Becca and Desi both very well. This was not going to be good. I could feel it. I told Rebecca just let me ride her around and that will be good ending. But she did have a better point. It would be a good ending for me and Desi. It would be worse for Rebbecca the next time she tried to ride her. She was right. Mom, I’m just going to walk her around the pattern once more time and then we will call it a day. Desi was distracted by me and wouldn’t listen to Rebecca. I said okay and went in the house.             

When Desi rules are observed and followed, my viewpoint, everything goes smoothly for the most part. WOW…( just like life’s journey. Big message here for all.) However, just like Desi when you start kicking her in the ribs and smacking her with the reins, it tends to take a bad turn. Big bump in the road. Just might get thrown literally. That is exactly what Desi’s does when you try to force her to go faster than she’s ready for. The rip-roaring hold on for all the worth  rodeo starts. WOW, big realizations here for me. Hope everyone that is reading this is benefiting also. more to come… stay tuned… I’m being called to go outside.. love and light             


Wow what a day yesterday was. They taught me a new way to communicate by applying “Desi Rules             


Okay, back to where I left off. I went in the house and left Desi and Rebecca to duel it out. Desi decided she was done for the day. Decision made. Every time Rebecca tried to mount Desi for the final walk around, she would side step and not allow. (life lesson) this went on for quite awhile. (many people aren’t allowing for the Next Step  in their Life Journey ) Pick me, this applies to myself.            


I was watching the whole event unfold from the family room window. Being very strong willed and determined, I knew Rebecca would not give up until this lesson ended on a “good note”. Regardless of how long it was going to take.(I have no idea where she gets that from. LOL)             


Rebecca tied Desi up, walked to the barn and got the riding crop. Very…..  very bad idea here., Time for Mom to intervene. I went outside and I told Rebecca, “just hand walk her around the barrels and let it go. Oh H_L No! She started this and she will not win. Desi is going to let me get on her and we are going to walk around these barrels and then she can go back to the barn and not before.  (Conflict created just like on your life journey). I tried calm reasoning like your guides do,now Becca you know what happens if you kick her. Its the rip roaring rodeo. I’m not going to hit her but she’s going to know I mean business and I’m in charge here, not her. Now help me get on her.             


The whole writing of this miracle in action is reference back and forth of what we do in our life journey here on Earth. The same scenario may help you to understand how we create conflict in our life with our choices( Desi and Rebecca) and decisions, how they (the light beings and guides) try to intervene and guide us down a different path(mom) and finally how our free choice is always respected by them. ( Rebecca being thrown and hurt.) They then pick up the broken pieces and try to “mend us”. We get up and try again, hopefully in a different choice or thought pattern. You will understand all of this when I get to the end of the Desi Rules Story and the video. Rebecca made a different choice with Desi in the video with a fabulous loving end result.Lesson learned.            

  One of their most used phrases or question put to me quite often  is ” why do physicals keep making the same choice over and over again and then expect a different outcome. If it doesn’t work try doing  or thinking about it differently. Also a quote by, Benjamin Franklin. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing… the same way… and expecting a different outcome. The second comment that always gets my attention is ” if you always do what you have always done, you will always be where you have always been. No movement. Just repeating the the “fear” over and over again without learning the lesson.           


Desi was watching and taking in the events in their entirety, slowly devising her own plan of action. She was watching Becca’s every move.  She knew Becca had the crop in her hand. Desi’s best defense was, if she can’t get on me, she can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do. Finally, with my reluctant help, Becca mounted Desi. I said okay I’m going in the house and turned to leave. Desi started up a major refusal. Stomping her feet, backing up, going in circles, throwing her head.  She was making it very clear she was not moving forward, no matter what.  (pick me again)            


That is what they have so amazingly brought to my attention about my current situation today. Are you seeing the comparisons to our  human selves in our life choices. Right now in my life journey I was, up to this moment, refusing to go forward. They literally had tried everything they could think of. I was fighting with everything I have not to go forward until I received exactly what I want and the way I wanted it, now, and not before. That doesn’t work. Go with the Desi Rules. I just love our “guides.” This is how they teach. If one way doesn’t work try another path.             



On with the story. Desi even tried to bite Rebecca’s leg. Desi has always, in the past, given anyone that rode her, a one time warning “LOOK”. She will literally stop and turn to look at you.( the kind  of look your Momma or Wife gives you when you just know it would be a really good idea to stop what your doing and never do it again and all is forgiven.  Maybe you temporarily lost your mind and oops, re-do didn’t mean to do that, sorry. One of those deals. Or if you chose to continue on this path… pay the price. Desi has always given “the one more chance option” to make sure of your intention before she reacted. This was not the case with Rebecca. No warning.            


The attempt at leg biting was the last straw for Becca. Don’t you bite me you Bi–ch. With that Rebecca pulled her leg out of the stirrup, and lean backward to avoid the bite and with that Desi took the opportunity to check Becca talents and abilities out as to how good her rodeo bronc busting techniques were. Becca was off centered and off balance. With that knowledge,  let the rodeo begin. Desi starting bucking and spinning. Rearing up. She didn’t miss a step. Desi will not stop until the rider is off and then she non-chanlantly swishes her tail, holds her head up,makes her way back to the barn with the I told you not to force me, ask me nice, walk.  I win.   (that’s  the ego)         



Becca hit the ground hard. She hit the back of her head on a big rock on the ground and was out cold when I reached her. She laid unconscious on the ground for over five minutes.Which to a mother is an eternity. The ambulance arrived. Becca regain consciousness but was dazed and confused. She had no idea what had happened. We took Rebecca to the hospital. She was treated for a mild concussion. Rebecca never road Desi again until a couple of weeks before this video was taken in June of 2010.    Stay tuned for the rest of the story…         





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