It’s not fortune telling or predicting the future. It’s all free will. Your free will. They can’t and won’t change that. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Face the fear and it disappears. Everything is energy.  Everything has vibrations and frequencies.  Energy is thought. Thought creates and directs energy. Energy creates reality. Change your choice, change your energy. Change your reality, change your life. We have thousands of thoughts every day. Thoughts are free will.  Change your thought, you change what happens. So what was the future now, can change in a second or a year. They guide you toward your Divine purpose or path. They can’t make you go or tell you where to go because that would be taking your free will. You decide what to do with your apple. You always have a choice. Choice changes thought, thought changes energy. Positive fear – negative fear. Energy never leaves. It just changes. Transforms. 


Like water changes to ice or ice melts to water. Water changes to steam, it just changes form. Positive to negative…Negative to positive. Whatever you support or create. It doesn’t go away. That is part of why it persists.  If it persists, it is serving you some way. You are benefiting from experiencing it through a choice you made. They will help you realize why you created it and how “the fear or choice to experience the fear” is serving you instead of releasing it.  You try to push it away or ignore it. That’s experiencing Denial. You can’t transform or release it to them to be transformed or transmuted as long as its still serving you. You are getting something out of it or it would release instead of resisting. This can be a million different things. Examples: being depressed, losing your job, problems in relationships, money issues, losing your temper easily, jealousy, health issues, and on and on. They varied for each individual.
My understanding is when you realize the energy and why you created it, let go of the benefit, they are then able to release it for you. When they release it, they transform it or transmute it. They literally clear it out of your body for you. It’s painless.These are my concepts, my experiences and my beliefs. This is what and how this works for me. (and many, many other people. I’m not alone in this process.) They will use whatever works for you, to help you. I’m giving you a reference point or a place to start.
They may use yawning, coughing, or sneezing. And yes, that is another way to realize.There are several ways. You can help yourself “release”  by singing out loud, laughing, and dancing. Be creative, paint and draw. That is just a few ways. Sometimes you won’t even be aware of the releasing. Sometimes they may help you release when you sleep. Sometimes it would be too intense. I would get a horrible headache. I would ask them if your releasing this for me could you please slow it down or change the process you are using. This is too intense and/or uncomfortable for me. It will stop almost instantly. Remember the gratitude. They don’t require it, need it, or want it.  They do it out of pure love of you. Gratitude helps the Universe manifest  your desires for you. So thank your “helpers”.


I ‘feel’ them like you feel the wind. They use visions, especially when I sleep or meditate, because my ego and resistance is more accessible and accepting. I retain much more information that way and with the use of music.  I just had a music player install on my home page. These are different songs they played for me to help me understand something . Listen to the songs as if they are saying the words to you directly. They are. I will try to post different songs each week. You will know if its for you.
Everyone has something “special and unique” that they can access to communicate with you. So go with what feels right for you. Be who you are. Don’t pattern yourself after someone else. They brought my awareness to my special talents in photography, writing, music abilities, and creativity. They will help you become aware of your special gifts. Don’t go there. don’t be negative. You are special. You are the only one who hasn’t realized it yet!


 See it, believe it, be it. Feel the feeling, be the thought. ALL IS POSSIBLE. Dream High and Have Faith.If you can imagine it, you can manifest it! Be careful with your words. They are very powerful intentions. My favorite”thought” from them is “Feed your Faith and your Doubts will starve to death!  

 My second favorite is “Feel the feeling, be the thought.”      

It works both ways. Positive or Negative. Your choice. If you think about a time when you FELT happy. Now remember what Happy felt like and be that thought. Actually take a few deep breaths and remember the feeling.  If you feel sad, you will be sad.  That is the the feel it and be it.
If you see yourself happy, if you see yourself sad….that’s what you will create. You are a very powerful being. Remember what it “feels” like to be happy and then be that thought. Just try it. What do you have to lose? Negativity? Try the “I AM” theory.  I am happy. I am sad. I am tired. I am getting a headache. I am going to be late. I am going to be on time. You create all your experiences by what you say, think, and react. I’m not saying be happy, happy, happy,every minute of every day. I get mad and lose my temper. That’s when you “step outside the box” and figure out what the message was that they are trying to teach you. 


It’s okay to be angry, mad, or sad.  It’s Okay to experience “fears”. But you have to keep balance.That’s part of being human and experiencing being physical on Earth. It’s how you keep your balance and your flow.  Being jump up and down happy 24/7 is throwing you as much out of balance as being negative 24/7. But for me, I just desire to turn the scales a little to the happy positive. You still have to stay in balance. My point or suggestion here is WHEN you’re feeling a fear you no longer desire to experience, change it. This would be my suggestions on how to change it. Take my word for this. If I had someone in my face all sugary sweet and happy, I know I would just have to trip her or something. I couldn’t take it. Yes, see I’m human to and I love the song by Jerrod Neiman I pray for you. I know I couple of people that I would like to drop a pot on their head. Point being .. keep it balanced or just a little more off to the positive. I guarantee you from my experiences, you will enjoy this wonderful life we have been blessed to experience to the fullest. YEAH FOR US. TAKE THEIR HELP!


One of the mistakes I made earlier was I wanted to be like Jennifer.  I was convinced that I was not good enough. I don’t want to be me. Nobody likes me, let alone loves me. So I’ll just be what everybody wants me to be and then everyone including myself will get what they desire.  I’m not good enough or smart enough and I just plain old don’t like myself so I’ll “become” someone else. That seemed like a good logical choice. Problem solved. I’ll pretend to be everything that everyone would like me to be. Everyone will be happy. I want to be her.  Everybody loves her. Another beginning of choices from my childhood that I carried with me to my present day life. BIG trouble there. 
Jennifer is so good at what she does. Information and knowledge flows to her easily instantly and freely. Everyone loves Jennifer. When you meet her or talk to her, you instantly like her. She has a beautiful aura about her. She has lots of friends. I thought “Wow, this was a great choice and that it would move me right along. I was stuck.  I wanted progress and I wanted it now.  RIGHT NOW! Another fear, impatience. Then more fear, anger and frustration because I must not be good enough or smart enough because this isn’t working.  Now look out, here comes the dreaded FAILURE.  “Oh, what a big mess I created just because I made one simple choice to be like someone else. This choice of accepting myself and loving the person I am is what they were trying to teach me. 
Self Love? Self Worth? Self Esteem? Self Respect? I had “no positive self anything”. Self Love?….”Oh  No! I refused and rejected that choice on the spot. They had their work cut out for them on this one. I couldn’t, at that time, find ANYTHING about me, that I liked. NOTHING. Na dah. Not a thing.  When my friends  would comment on my sad mood or heard about this choice, they were naming off all kinds of good qualities about me. None of their thoughts about me were believable or acceptable to me. Therefore, still rejecting. I thought they were lying to me, trying to make me feel better. This was my choice on how to experience, failure, rejections, not being worthy, not being good enough, lack, and of course my favorite, DOUBT. Just to name a few. So if I accepted and believed what my “friends” were saying about me, I would have to give all of these fears up. My ego was not going to allow that. Then what would he have to do? I didn’t even believe they were my friends.  HOLD ON TO THOSE APPLES ! DON’T LET GO!
Thank goodness my Angels finally got through to me. I’m pretty sure a lot of you that are reading this have or are still experiencing these same experiences and choices I just described about myself. Believe me when I tell you, they can help you get through all of this. Listen and follow or at least consider the possibilities of the possibility of what I’m saying MIGHT BE TRUE. What do you have to lose? Sadness, depression, lack, sickness, poverty, rejection,loneliness, anger,impatience, doubt, just to name a few. Would it be worth the slightest possibility that what I’m saying is true? What if all you had to do was just open your door a little and check it out. You don’t have to stay if you don’t like where your going. Always your choice.
Feel better right now! Shift and raise your vibrations right now! If you just ask for help and allow it. The amount of time it takes for you to “get there” depends on you and only you. YOUR CHOICE. They can only do what you allow.





Love and Light  




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