This miracle was chosen to be written first because it’s the shortest. (At least that’s the thought when I started this. They were very precise on what miracle to write about first.  Over and over again… Sugar heart.  I have had literally 100’s of miracles. I am blessed. I found out since I started writing this, they are teaching me a lesson they have been trying to help me let go of for months.Truly amazing how it all works out. 


The Miracle of the Sugar Heart 


I work as a cocktailer/waitress at a Family Fun Center in Michigan. Most of the waitstaff know about some of  “my gifts” that I’m able to do in regards to the Angels and Light Beings. Many of the girls have seen this in action many times.  


I have one waitress friend at work named Shannon. She is a very hard worker. No offense to you Shannon. I love you and you are my friend, always but….. She is a big worrier. I mean Big Time! I thought I was a big worrier, but since I’ve met Shannon, I don’t even come close. She has a lot on her plate and usually has a lot of crap landing on her. More than most people I know. But she’s a trooper and always smiles and eventually says “no worries, its all good.” Even when its really dark and not looking so good for her. At times,Shannon holds down three jobs to support her family. She is a single Mom. She never asks for help and will go out of her way to help you or anyone that comes into her path. She will stop doing her job and come help you do your job first. Then she won’t let you help her finished her work. That’s Shannon. She doesn’t think she deserves. She doesn’t want to “bother” anyone. 



The miracle on this night was their way of letting her know she was not alone, you do deserve, you are as special and loved as everyone else is.  We are all one in the same. We heard her prayers. We are real and here for you. You are surrounded by LOVE. That was part of the message for Shannon. The Heart was validation. 



On this particular “miracle” evening, Shannon put up the ‘big front’ of I’m OK, everything is just fine. I knew different. They were whooshing me and I was trying to help and guide Shannon but she wasn’t budging. Oh no, everything is just fine. I’m okay. No worries.  



I needed her permission. I just knew she wasn’t anywhere close to Okay. ( This is the “Just Knowing”  I have talked about in others posts.) I knew something was really bothering her. She wasn’t sharing. She didn’t want to “burden” anyone with her problems. 



I walked up to her at the beginning of what we all knew was going to be one of our busy, hectic, fast paced, sometimes chaotic, hard working nights. It was Thursday. Thursdays are always that way. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her and of course Shannon said ‘Oh no, no worries, it’s all good’. She was on the verge of tears, so I just gave her a hug and whispered in her ear it would be okay, let me know if I can help. I kinda chuckled at her and said you know how special I am. I winked and smiled at her and left it at that. I did get a weak smile out of her and a thanks Pam, I know. Shannon always tries to put forth the effort in everything she does regardless of what is going on. 



They told me she was really having a difficult time and needed some help. She just needed a little “boost”.  I laugh when I write this because one of the ways they help me stay in my boundaries of others free choice and free will, is to let me know if the person I’m helping requires a “boost”, a shove, a push, or what they lovingly call, a brick upside the head.  I have to be careful because sometimes I get so focused on “helping”, I go too fast and I do too much. I do all the learning for them. Not good. Instead of waiting for the door to open, I charge full speed ahead and break the door down for them. I forget to wait for the key or to see if the person even wants to “go through the door”.  



I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to go through the door. But that’s not for me to decide. Not my choice.The easy way. I already know what’s behind the door. I’m like “here let me knock it down for you” and it will be easy for you. Let me tell you everything, I have already done it. It’s like telling someone what is in their birthday present before they unwrap it. I wouldn’t enjoy that. So I’m trying to “learn” that lesson now. I’m trying to learn what works for me, doesn’t necessarily work for another. We can all look at the same picture and see differently and have different views and perceptions.  I forget that sometimes. 



Patience. Free will. Free choice. No judgements. Same destination, different paths to get there. 



I lose my lesson and they also lose their lesson. Then it’s start over.  Re-do’s. Find another way to help them learn. It’s like giving someone the answers on the math test at school. It doesn’t help anyone. You have to find your own answers so you can learn the lesson you, your Soul, and your HigherSelf came here to learn and experience. I can’t tell them what choices to make or what to do.  I want too. I want them to feel what I feel. That’s not for me to do. Just like the Angels and Light Beings can’t tell me or you what to do. I’m a helper, a light worker. I guide and shine my light for the ones who come to me until their light stops flickering and comes on full power. We can keep turning on our lights brighter and brighter and help others find their way. One light at a time. 


(thats’ one reason I end my postings with Love and Light Namaste) 



I still didn’t know what else to do for Shannon.  I was at a “boundary line” I couldn’t cross. I required Shannon’s permission. I gave the ‘situation’ to them and said let me know if I can do anything else to help her. They whooshed me. I knew more was coming. I just love them. 

We started getting busy, so we, the waitstaff, went our different directions for the night. Every once in a while I would get whooshed by them. I didn’t make a connection until after the fact. But it was when Shannon would walk by me. They would whoosh me and kinda of bounce off onto her, but she was oblivious to what was going on, as was I. We were all concentrating on doing our jobs… We were, for the most part, in total “left brain mode.” When we only use our left brain, we block them out. We “hear” them with right brain. 




Every once in a while, when Shannon would walk by, I’d put my hand on her shoulder or slide in behind her to get by, so I could touch her. Sometimes when I “touch” people or just stand close to them, the  Angels and Light Beings connect to that person and “heal them” or “release” for them. Releasing is part of healing. Just so you know, that person has already asked for help and given permission. Sometimes, I’m the “help”. The best way I can think to explain this is I’m a conduit… like a by-pass switch, until the person’s vibrations and frequencies are at a higher level so they are able to communicate with their Angels and Light Beings, instead of going through me.  




That’s what I was trying to do with Shannon. However, Shannon being Shannon, never sits or stands still very long . She just kept apologizing for getting in my way and would move as fast as she could away from me.  





So I told them, guys you have to come up with something else. I’m getting behind at work and this “plan” isn’t working. Give me another idea on what to do for her. With that request, I went back to work and was getting caught up. About 2 minutes later Shannon walked past me. I could see she was frazzled and still having a hard time working. Her mind wasn’t here. She was thinking about something else. She was working hard and her tray was  fully loaded. Okay guys I’m listening, what do I do?   





Watch and listen, you’re going to love this one Pam. Everything will be just fine, very soon. Okay then back to work I go. I was unaware of how “big” and how “fast” it was about to happen. I called it their “big bang” effect. I just literally love it when they do this. 



I was standing in line at the Bar behind Shannon, waiting my turn to get drink orders. Shannon had just filled her tray with drink orders, after previously stopping at the snack bar for coffee. Her tray was fully loaded again. It was Thursday, of course it was. She left to go make the deliveries and I stepped up to the bar to fill my order. I was just finishing up with my drink order and getting ready to go out on the floor when I heard Shannon. 



Shannon was about 20 feet down the concourse from me when I heard her start screaming. Literally screaming OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!  




I didn’t know what had happened. I thought maybe she spilled the coffee or something because she was so preoccupied. I thought oh crap, now what!?  Is that the “Oh no I spilled hot coffee on someone/something dance she’s doing? She was spinning around in half circles. First left, then right. She looked at me, looked at her tray and starting crying and laughing. I’m like OK crap, now what happened? I was getting whooshed like crazy. So I knew it was good.  I love that feeling. She didn’t know which way to go or what to do she was so excited. 




I didn’t know whether to be excited or worried. Then she stopped jumping up and down and very carefully picked up her server tray and as slow and steady as she could, walked very fast over to where I was at the bar in little baby steps. She started calling my name as she was coming towards me. Pam! Pam! You have got to see this! OH MY GOD.!Look at this! You were right! Everything is going to be OK!  She had a smile on her face that lit up the entire room!  Pam, I just looked down and there it was! It is the answers to my prayers. It answers everything! Everything I have been asking “the Father” for and more. It’s my own little miracle! I didn’t want anything big like this, just something little. That’s Shannon. OMG look what they did! 




Shannon had sat her tray down on a high top table. Bolted to the floor sturdy table. Her tray was empty except for a full leftover container of sugar. One moment it was in the container, and then it was on her tray. Topside down. Shannon turned her back, split second, turned back around. As a customer started to walk by, the customer stopped and said, Wow, will you look at that! There, sitting on a table, on her tray, was one beautiful little miracle, as big as you please, with no doubt about what it was. It was beyond logical explanation. This is what was on her tray: 



Pam,I just got the sugar for the coffee and sat the tray down on the table and there it was! It’s a heart made of sugar! How sweet is that! It was just there! The Father answered my prayers. She was crying and laughing. We ran all over the bar showing everyone and taking pictures. As Shannon Always says “It’s all GOOD!” No worries! 



She was hugging me and thanking me and then being Shannon, suddenly stopped, became very serious, let the worry back in for a moment, she asked me “do you think this means what I think it means? I laughed and said “Don’t you start worrying again! You got your answers to your prayers yes? Now be Happy! OK, just making sure! It’s for me, Right? Oh My Yes Shannon,It’s for you. A great big sugar heart, just for you, just like you! Okay thanks Pam! She kept the building lit up for the rest of the night. We could have turn the lights off  in the building and still found our way through her smile.  Let’s turn our lights on. 




I won’t tell you Shannon’s personal business or what was going on in her life that night, but she got exactly what she had asked for and then some.  Love. Sweet love. Confirmation. It also helped me to realize some of my gifts and abilities that I was not allowing myself to share by helping Shannon with this.  I told Shannon to make sure she gave her gratitude to them. I was just the “go between” for the ones who are still awakening and raising their vibrations. 




I told my Angels, Guides, and Light Beings… I will help all you send me or find their way to me. All is well to all who come.  I’m grateful for my opportunity and gifts of help. I am Blessed. I am Love. I am Light. I am all that is. AND SO ARE YOU! I Love my job! 




But that’s not the end of the “story”. I thought to myself when I was driving home for work that night and thanking them for helping, It sure would be nice to have that happen to me.  I really enjoyed being part of it. I sure would like something like that for myself . Could you do that for me sometime? I mean, I know you’re here. I feel you whoosh me all the time. But the sugar heart thing you did was really,really way cool. Thanks again. I took a deep long breath, turned on the radio, and continue on a very calm, contented, relaxing drive home. They always ride in my car with me. Always 




I forgot about my request. I just let it go. I didn’t keep thinking about it. That’s important. Ask and forget about it.  It’s like placing your order at a restaurant. You place the order . Think about how good the food is going to be when it gets here. Gratitude. Then it arrives. You don’t keep ordering it over and over again. You go about your business, your everyday life and just let it flow. The order will arrive when its’ done “cooking”. Don’t want it to arrive before it’s ready do you.? Everything has a time and place. As I would soon find out. The very next night at work, I would get yet another among many, gifts from them. 



Now keep in mind, I have been a waitress for over 30 years. I have excellent balance. I can count on one hand,with one finger, how many times I have spilled something on my tray in at least five years. I’m not bragging, just making a point. It’s a rarity for “spillage” to happened to me. Especially when my tray is involved. 


So this is what happened. It’s Friday night. Friday night is Church league bowling night. Not my usually shift to work. The church league drinks coffee and water. I’m talking a lot of coffee. They are very sweet people and always bring homemade cookies and great treats to go with the coffee. I’m running back and forth to the snack bar getting coffee after coffee. I’m not real happy about this. I’m on about the fiftieth cup and trying to keep track of what one is 2 sugars, 1 cream, Decaf, sweet and low,this one black with sugar and now I’m getting frazzled. I’m trying to remember all of this.There is no way to distinguish them. All the coffee is in white strofoam cups. It’s not working for me. When things don’t work the way I think they should work, I start controlling. This is where I’m now learning to let go and flow now. Letting go of old energy pattern. 



A girl had called off work this night. We had no one to replace her. So instead of doing my usual regular, “I’ve waited on you for years, I know all the answers to what you want and how you want it” regulars customers of 10 tables, I had to do 20 tables.  Ten of those tables, I was unfamiliar with. I was having trouble keeping all the coffee orders sorted out. 



We have these little plastic containers that can hold sugar and cream.  I normally don’t use the containers as I know just how to make all my customers coffee because I have waited on them for years, research thoroughly on what they like and committed it to memory and that’s how I do it. The best way, my way, and the only way. Big realization coming up here. I have just realized I do that with EVERY aspect of my life. 



Actually truth be told, it’s a rarity for me to use the little plastic containers. I think it’s “tacky”. To me, that was failure of doing my job to my best of ability. It’s a crutch. Oh my, that would be doing it the easy way and accepting help? Wow, I’m in a real learning experience with this right now. 



However, that was not the case tonight. I had 24 new coffee drinkers and I was unaware of how much sugar and creamer to put in their separate coffees. I was getting scattered and confused. I prided myself on knowing what and how my  regular customers wanted in their coffee. I’ve always made it a point of my “service to know” what they wanted before they even knew they wanted it. I wanted them to feel important and special, which in turn, made me feel important and special for doing a job well done. By knowing all the answers ahead of time. Do you see the “wanting” and the control? 




Wow, just like cheating on a test. Knowing all the answers instead of just going with the flow and letting it happen. A lesson they are teaching me as I write this.  In this process, I was also learning a new lesson and letting go of an old pattern. My way is the only way that works for me. Find out everything you can, and you can’t be wrong. Can’t fail if your not wrong. Find out all the answers first. That’s what I have always done before I proceeded with anything. Research and find out all I can. I have never done the intuition or gut feeling. I always have required proof.You will know exactly what to do. However that is no longer working for me.That is old energy. That’s is what they are trying to teach me now. Let go of the old and make room for the new. Clearing out the CUP. 





I asked My Angels and Light Beings to please help me out with this. I’m really getting frazzled and getting way behind here. Instantly…very simple answer, put the cream and sugar in the containers. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? That should have been obvious. The thought occurred to me but I instantly threw the thought out. Because I have never done it that way before. I had my mind set to doing it just one way, the way I have always done it, my way. NO allowing for change or possibilities. It’s not broke, don’t fix it. I wasn’t allowing the possibility of another options. I was holding onto old thought patterns.  I wasn’t letting go of the apple. (This is where the “take the strawberry” came from in my miracle post about asking for help part two) 



This is the only way I know how to do it.  I would have to accept change, accept help, do it different, trust, add a little pinch of Faith,and oh yes, I might try doing it the easy way? Now here’s the Doubt, like this is going to work. Their answer… How’s “your way, my way, the only way” working out for you Sunshine? Oh, got me on that one. I’ll try anything at this point. I told them thanks and I started filling up the little plastic containers and putting them on my tray, instead of putting the cream and sugar directly into the cup. I would just ask the customer do you want cream or sugar and give them a container. That was working out a lot easier.  JUst starting flowing and falling into place. I finally got all caught up and settled down. WHEW! Amazing… just let go. 



I went back to the waitress station to regroup and start over with some new orders. I had one full sugar container left on my tray. I sat my tray down on the counter and when I did, the container of sugar spilled over on my tray. I thought to myself.. this is exactly why I don’t use these stupid little things. How fast we forget. 



The odd thing was when the container flipped over, it went completely over, topside down. Sugar all over my tray. I just thought ‘Oh terrific another mess to clean up. So I just picked the container straight up and to my amazement, I looked at my tray and looked again. I got a big loving “whoosh”. I just started laughing and saying thank you, thank you, thank you. Sorry bout the B-tching. You amaze me everyday. I will stop complaining right now! When I lifted the container up, this is what I found: 



Sweet Sugar Angel





It was their way of letting me know they were there. Just place your order and let us take care of it. It’s all about timing. When I get frazzled or frustrated at work, I remember the sweet sugar Angel on my tray and I’m good to go. Same thing I do when I find myself complaining about something. That isn’t the energy I choose to share. That’s old used drama energy.  I’m spreading new loving light energy to all who come. 




Sweet Angels! I left my tray untouched all night with the sugar angel sitting right there greeting me all night. It was really hard to “clean it off” at the end of the night. It was very special to me. Always will be. 



Even more so today because from writing about this for you, I have been realizing and releasing and turning my light on brighter and brighter. Which is allowing more to find their way to me. So thank you my readers for helping me. If not for you, I would not have written this and realize, released and learn this part of my lesson. Thank you for your help! 





Love and Light 






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