December 12, 2011  
My Miracle Boy Steve    
 Before I start writing about this particular miracle involving Steve, because there are many. I would like to say my life would be so different and incomplete without my boy Steve. As I imagine all parents pretty much feel the same way about their children.That’s what I nicknamed him many years ago.  
 My boy Steve. Tomorrow is Steven’s 25th birthday. Maybe that is why he is on my mind. I asked my “friends and 
Guides”  today what would benefit me the most, what is my next step. I received “writing” 3 times. That’s a sign.  
About what was my next thought?  

So many ideas and thoughts sprung into my busy mind. Instantly the thought of Steven, his upcoming birthday, an oracle card with birthday son, thinking about Steven’s miracle of being hit by a car when he was a toddler, the joy I feel when I think of Steven and the miracle of his birth, he was an“impossibility” made possible. I was told he was not to be. Plus when I did become pregnant, it was bed rest and sew my cervix shut. Steven was trying to make yet another grand entrance at 5 months . Yet another miracle of my boy Steven finding his way to me. Steven is at this time staying with me for a few days. I know yet again he has found his way to me for a reason. Much more to come on that.  
Steven is a truck driver. He leaves at 3:30 A.M.  On Sunday night, Monday morning. He is gone until late Tuesday evening. I don’t set physical eyes on him until Wednesday morning. I never hear him leave. This within itself is very unusual. I hear everything. But not Steven leaving. You know he’s here, you just never see or hear him. He is very quiet. Today however, I was tossing and turning finding sleep to be very elusive. I kept thinking to myself I sure would like to fall asleep here. How about some help? Steven and this part of his life just kept popping into my head.  
Then I hear Steven.  It was instant thought. Get up and wrap him in love and light. Big hugs and big kisses. Remind him to take some of us with him. So that’s exactly what I did. I was greeted, like I always am by my boy Steven, Hi Momma. Hey sunshine what’s happening? What you doing up so early. I told him I just wanted to hug my boy and remind you to take your “friends” with you. He gave me his big sheepish, half asleep smile and his great big bear hug. Love you too Momma. Steven is a big boy. Think of a big cuddly teddy bear and now you have Steven.  
This is Steven and Rebecca: The joy of those big brown eyes!  




My Boy Steve and My Girl Becca Becca


So now you have some background on my boy Steve. Like most mothers I just adore my boy Steven. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. One of the ways I get Steven to “Slow down” is to tell him “Steven, think about it before you do it. I would cry until I died if anything ever happened to you! I need you in my life. So please think before you act. GUILT TRIP MOM!  
 An example of this would be Steven just opens his “book of life’ randomly, which is great and provides a lot of adventures. I do the same thing. But Steven forgets to read the whole “chapter”. Heck, he just reads the first sentence and thinks OOHHH that would be fun! End of reading “the book” slams shut. He doesnt even consider considering the possible variables of outcome of his “actions”. He just jumps. He’s like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character in a revolving door, shooting out little tornadoes everywhere while the door is spinning. 
I am always trying to get him to look over the cliff before you jump and see if there is water or a concrete slab boy! Not to worry Momma something will catch me or I’ll learn to fly. Then I would get a great big hug and kiss and he would be off and running again.  OHHHHH my boy Steven. That was how the “book of the rules” came about. Yet another story on my website you can read.  
This picture of Steven is one of my favorites. I used this picture for his High School graduation open house invitations. This picture sits proudly on my TV entertainment center to this day.  

My Boy Steve


Steven was approximately 1 and a half years old when this was taken. The miracle I’m about to tell you about was taken a little more than a year later, just 2 months before Steven was to turn 3 years old.  
Stevens’s Miracle  
Steven is here for an important reason. This I know. WHAT exactly is the reason, is for Steven to discover.  
This is a miracle after the fact for me. At the time this miracle occurred I was deep in the ‘linear” world of physical. I did not realize how significant and miraculous this event of my life was until over twenty years later.  
The day is September 20, 1989  
I remember this event like it happened 2 minutes ago. Whenever Steven does one of his Steven “things that makes me shake my head and roll my eyes”) which by the way HE DOES A LOT) I think of this moment in time and I am grateful now and always that he is here to keep me in wonderment. I love you Steven:)))  
September 20, 1989 was a beautiful sunny autumn Wednesday. We lived in a small town just outside of Akron, Ohio at this time. Wednesday was “date night/bowling night” for me and my husband. It was about 4:30 P.M. Steven and his older sister Rebecca (age 7) was playing across the street with the neighbor kids, Chris and Mandy.  We lived on a block with a stop sign at the both ends of the street. The streets were like a grid pattern.  One direction, every block had a stop sign, and the other direction was full speed ahead. One of the things that people would tend to do was race from one stop sign to another. We had petitioned for traffic lights at our intersection, by to no avail.  
Our house was second from the end. Mandy and Chris were on the corner across the street. There was a Fire Station and a park at the far end of the street. At that end of the street the cross traffic had stop signs instead of a traffic light. The cross traffic speed was 40 MPH.  Our cross street speed limit was 25MPH. At the end of our block there were always traffic accidents. You could hear screeching brakes and the car crashes all the time. Whenever I would hear the “accidents” I would always do a mental check on where are the kids. It was a very dangerous, high volume accident area at the far end of our street. Even though it was at the other end of the block, we all, neighborhood parents, hand walked all the kids across the street. You know where I’m going with this. A parent’s nightmare.  
Our neighborhood was always calm and quiet. It really was the tree lined streets, front porches, sidewalks and watching the children playing hop scotch, kick ball, riding bikes, etc. all the things kids do.  




Angel Mist Around Steven and Becca


This was taken in front of our house in July 1989. This is Steven and Rebecca in our front yard.  




July 1989


Some houses had driveways and some didn’t.  We were one of the ones who didn’t. We parked on the street in front of our house. I had a big 1981 white Lincoln Town car at the time and my husband had a big state bed construction truck, that he parked in front of my car.  
Steven may be a big boy now, but at the time he was a little guy. Still very active and adventurous. And still only reading the first paragraph of his “book of life”. Now you have the background and layout of this miracle about to happen.  
I did all the Mommy rules. Don’t walk between parked cars. Look both ways 2 times. Hold hands. Ask Mommy if you can go. Ask Mandy’s Mom to cross you back over. You know the whole list of Mommy rules. The big rule was if you ever forget any of the rules, you don’t get to go across the street to play and they can’t come over here to play. So when you’re 3 and 7 years old, not being able to play with your friends is a big deal. The kids never had issues with following the rules until September 20, 1989.  It only takes one time for your life to change forever. I had not realized at the time how blessed and protected I was. I didn’t even realize that it was a miracle, until many, many years later. It’s never too late to say thank you.  
It seems strange to say that as I’m typing this because it is hard to remember a time when “they” weren’t in my life. My Guides, Angels, Beings, and friends, are who I’m referring to as they. I was totally unaware of them and had no idea what deep felt true gratitude is or was.  It never entered my mind at the time, as to what a true miracle this was until this last two years of my life, when I have ‘become aware” to some extent, of their presence. For that I am also so very grateful to them.  
Now you have the layout. This is what happened next: my husband had gone to pick up our babysitter Kristy. She was 16 and had always been very responsible. I walked across the street to get Steven and Rebecca. I stopped in and let Sharon know I had the kids.  They were not ready to come home but told them it was getting dinner time and it was time to come home. As we were going across the street, Becca said Mom can I go back, I forgot to get my bike? I told her yes, but mind your rules crossing the street. I had Stevens hand and started across the street. Steven was protesting the whole event because “Becca got to stay and why did he have to come home. He was having himself a little fit because he thought Becca was staying. He was not happy about leaving before Rebecca. I told him she is coming as soon as she gets her bike. Now he’s got his arms folded across his chest, head down, stomping his feet and crying telling me “you mean momma.” He would not hold my hand. He stomped his feet all the way across the road with his little lip sticking out and saying you mean momma, me no like you no more. He sat down on top of the porch steps with a big thud, and said me here for becca . You mean momma.  
By now Kristy had just arrived and was talking to Steven, trying to cheer him up. I told her that Becca was coming, she was across the street. To keep an eye on Steven it was pouting. I told her what Steve was mad about. I left Kristy with Steven waiting on Rebecca outside. I saw Rebecca coming with her bike and Kristy said I’ll go cross her over. I went in the house to get ready for our night out.  
About ten minutes later it happened. Just thinking about it now as I write about it, whooshing and gratitude sending it in both directions. I was on the second floor of our home in the bathroom putting curlers in my hair.  That’s when I heard the screeching brakes. No car crash, just screeching brakes. I knew. I just knew. Instantly I just knew. I starting screaming Steven! Steven! Steven! Steven!  
I couldn’t stop screaming his name. I knew he had been hit by a car. From our bathroom, there were 2 stairs, then a landing, then 13 stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a closet with a mirrored door on it. Then a quick turn out the front door, off the porch, on the side walk and then the road. I never stop hysterically screaming his name the whole time.  
My husband heard me screaming and was attempting to come up the stairs as I was coming down. He was clueless at that moment. Steven had come in the house but snuck back out when Kristy was getting their dinner ready. His tricycle was over at Mandy’s.  He wanted his bike too. Simple plan for a child. Nobody is watching, go get my bike and be back before anyone knows I was gone. So off he went unbeknownst to anyone.  I told you Steven is very quiet still. Everyone thought he was watching cartoons.  

As I came running out bathroom door, hit the landing, I literally leaped from the top of the staircase, slammed into the mirror on the closet door, hit my husband in the chest with both hands and sent him flying across the living room. Just a side note, my husband was a big man. It’s the adrenalin pumping and a mothers fear/love and safety of her child being threatened. And yes this is part of where my nickname crazylady comes from.  
I felt like my feet were frozen and I wasn’t moving fast enough to get to my destination. I couldn’t get there fast enough to save my child. It was already too late. As I came out the front door I saw the car stopped in the middle of the street. I will never forget that sight. It was a little white car with a black top “race car” . I was still screaming Steven! Steven! Steven!   The whole neighborhood could hear me. Everyone came running from everywhere.  
I will never forget that young man standing in the middle of the street pacing in circles, crying and sobbing saying I’m so sorry, I didn’t see him. I couldn’t stop I tried, I really tired. It happened so fast.  He came out of nowhere. He was just there. He came between that big white car and big truck. Our vehicles. Steven was short of his age. The hood of the cars were taller than he was. When you take the width of the car and the distance of where the young man was driving, the distance is only a matter of a few feet. It would have been split second to have seen Steven. But he did see him.  
This poor kid was only 16 years old and had just got his driver’s license that week.  By now my husband has realized was has happened and he’s out there now. I’m crying and sobbing hysterically. Where is he! Where is Steven! The young man said I tried to stop but I couldn’t. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!  I hit the little boy. He’s under the car. NO! NO! NO! Now I’m totally out of control. Screaming hysterically. Fire truck sirens are going. I just kept screaming Steven. No one wants to look under the car. There is no way I’m going to remember my boy that way. I’m sobbing on my neighbors shoulder hysterically sobbing and screaming. I have totally lost it. My husband  is trying to build up the courage to look under the car. Finally with tears rolling down his face, my husband gets down on the road and looks under the car. No Steven. Now what? More confusion. Where is Steven! The young man says I hit him. I felt him hit the car. Now we don’t know what happening, except we can’t find Steven and we know he was hit by the car. I’m way past hysterical. Nothing is making sense. I’m just lost. I’m just sobbing and crying for my baby. I’m ready to pass out. My neighbor Val is holding me up.  
In all the confusion, screaming and chaos, I heard someone say “Here he is! There’s Steven!  

I have my eyes close. I’m not going to look and then it happened. My miracle. I will never ever forget this moment in time. I heard that sweet little voice say Momma? I looked up and there is my sweet sweet boy Steven peeking his head out from behind a big Elm tree on the devil strip about ten feet away. I couldn’t believe it at first. I looked and looked again. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There peeking around this huge tree is my precious child.  Not harmed. Not hurt. Just shaking and scared from all the screaming and chaos. Just his big beautiful brown eyes looking at me. I ran over , grabbed him up, hugged him and kissed him and hugged him and kissed him. Over and over again.  He said “you no mad at me momma?”  

 I just kept saying I love you! I love you! I love you!  I never thought to say thank you at the time. But I’m saying THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  from my heart full of love and joy for the many years I have had with my beautiful boy. Much love and gratitude to you for my child.  
 I heard his little voice say “Momma that car knock me down”. Give me boo boo as he was pointing to his knee.  All Steve was wearing was training pants and a tee shirt. The road was asphalt. The paramedics checked him out. All he had was a tiny “scrub” on his knee and his elbow about the size of a dime,where he hit the asphalt when the car hit him.  
After things finally calmed down and I made sure he was really ok, we still took him to the hospital. We just couldn’t believe he wasn’t hurt. On the way to the hospital I talked with Steven and asked him why he was hiding behind the tree. What it came down to was, he knew he was in big trouble for going across the street but he wanted his bike, just like Rebecca was big enough to go get her bike, he wasn’t a baby.  He could go get his bike like a big boy. When he heard me screaming his name, he thought he was in for a real big trouble for going across the street. He was trying to wait for things to calm down and sneak back in the house so he wouldn’t get in trouble and lose his playtime friends. (LOL and that plan has not change to this day. Steven has done that his whole life.)When he saw the fire trucks coming, even as small as he was, he knew it was time to come out and face the music.  
I was still crying with Steven sitting on my lap. Still in total disbelief that he was really okay. He took his little fingers and wiped at my tears still streaming down my face. He said you no mean momma, me luv you.  No cry momma okay no cry momma. Out of the mouths of babes. All the while he was patting my face and kissing my tears, no cry momma. You know how well that worked out. Niagara falls of happy tears. That boy still does that to me to this day. Whenever I get frustrated with him, I just think of that wonderful blessed day of my life of 1989, and it all washes away.  
 I’m surprised to say this but I still, at that time in 1989, did not realized how blessed I was.Didn’t believe in miracles or Angels.  It just doesn’t happen to people like me. I was a total non-believer.



Find your reason and live it to the fullest.  
(New song on my player on the website , Reason for Me by Hoobastank and of course the lead song flying without wings. What makes you fly without wings?  
Find your Reason  
Love and light  


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