Second Viewing of AZREAL




This is what happened next. I just stared at the picture titled “The Beginning” (you can find this picture further down on this post and on The Beginning) for several minutes. My curious skeptic mind was just click, click, clicking away like rapid gun fire, trying to understand and figure this out. I WILL find the answer to this. My personality is very curious and determined. I am a very thorough researcher. I don’t stop until I find the answer to whatever has peaked my curiosity. I have always been that way.   


Questions were flooding my mind. When was this picture taken, what is it, where is this, what the hell is going on here? Just a fluke, sunspots, something wrong with the camera, something wrong with the camera picture card, this isn’t possible. What the hell is this?   


The pictures on this photo card was from sometime in the Fall and early Winter of  2009,  I think. May even be in 2008. It was now the first week in March of 2010. I have since found out, they have been trying to communicate with me for many, many years. I just wasn’t paying attention to them. They are trying to communicate with you.  NOW. I’m helping them, help you.     


I have never been a observant person. Quite the opposite. I was usually oblivious to the events in my life that was happening all around me. Regular routine, same old,same old, day in, day out. I was just existing. Any of this sound like you? Your’e the ones they are guiding me to help. I was just so unhappy. Like many who are reading this, I didn’t enjoy my job, health issues, financial difficulties, relationship problems,family problems, the list was endless. I just went through the motions of living, instead of actually celebrating life as the greatest gift we will ever receive.            


This is where pay attention to everything that happens to you comes in to play. Nothing is a coincidence. NOTHING. Everything happens for a reason. YOU create it. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. But it is you and only you. Believe me, I know, very hard concept. That doesn’t matter right now. Please keep reading.        


It’s the next step in your journey. Your next baby step. Your next puzzle piece. Your next dance step.  It’s your next. It will ALL come together. PAY ATTENTION. Stop trying to figure it out. You can’t.  Our conscious mind isn’t capable of understanding or figuring it out yet. Just let it be what it is. Be willing to allow, to receive, and to accept.            



I just kept thinking, there just has to be some kind of reasonable, logical, explanation for this picture. Has to be. I will figure this out. Like a dog with a bone, determination kicked into high gear. I want to know what this is and how it happened. What does it mean? Where did it come from? Why me? What am I suppose to do with it ? Constant mind chatter.           


As I kept denying, staring with my eyes wide open and my jaw dropped in total disbelief of what I was seeing, I kept getting “whooshed” repeatedly. The more my mind kept not accepting, not allowing, not believing, not willing, not possible,  just plain NOT, the more persistent the “whooshing became.”  (I’ll explain whooshing in another post,) but it’s their way, I found out after the fact, of letting me know, they are here and they are real.  I was really a hard sell.    


Whooshing. Confirmation of existence. Proof you can feel, like the wind. You can’t see the wind, but you can feel it and you know it’s there. Whooshing is the same concept. At the time, I was a total skeptic, and my belief  system was then and always had been, prove it. Give me proof, or I don’t believe it. Any of it.  All areas, all topics, not just this. And I mean, prove it to me. Really prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt or I dismissed it. One picture sure wasn’t going to do it. I could find a way to disprove it or just not believe it. That was my intention, at the time. To prove it wasn’t real, not that is was real. I always went to the negative. Always. They have changed my whole thought process by proving to me every day, over and over again, until I believed. They leave no room for doubt. Bigger and bolder, more amazing and awesome with each and every “proof and confirmation” they have brought to me.           


If you continue to follow my journey with me, you will see for yourself, just what I’m talking about. I don’t require proof anymore. At least consciously. Once I finally let go and gave up the choice and decision, of prove it to me, incorporated faith and trust, let go of my control, just believe in the possibility that it’s possible…that’s their request or suggestion to you, my life and understanding, communicating, learning,  happiness, all of it, just immediately took off for the better. One hundred eighty degrees turn. It just took off like the racehorse at the starting gate. Like fireworks or lightning. It was instant. I desire that for you. This is one of the reasons I’m doing this web site.       

So as I’m sitting here staring at this picture, in total disbelief, instead of awe,       

posed picture my friends

The Beginning



when the thought enters my mind, it’s like they posed for this. Instantly whooshed.  My attention is on the yellow (Azreal,as I later found out). Unknown to me at the time, Azreal was reading my thoughts and throwing answers at me. I thought, she looks like a mushroom or the peace sign from the 1970’s . With the thought about the peace sign, came another huge whoosh. YES, peace and love, harm to none was the instant thought. Then, just like a light came on, this is picture 200. There are at least two or three hundred more pictures on this photo card. HOLY COW! Now the excitement is in full speed ahead. I’m excited is an understatement! I started clicking through the pictures as fast as I could.     


Baby steps. Very important, remember BABY STEPS. I flipped through the remaining pictures so fast, I missed most of what they were trying to share with me. I had high expectations of something similar to “the beginning.” The beginning” was what I call “my slam dunk,” to get my attention, slow down, so I could see the baby steps. I was running full speed ahead, so fast, I had to look through the pictures slower and pay attention. It wasn’t until about the third time I viewed the pictures,I began to see.       


Then, I started to notice ‘things”. In and by itself, didn’t mean much. But I was soon to find out, about “puzzle pieces” and “dance steps.”  As you go through the pictures in the next post, part three,GO SLOW, and really really look at the pictures. They are very faint in color and sometimes very small. A couple of them made me think, that looks like a smiling face.  I blew them off.   I was so busy looking for the “Big Bang” I missed it. They explain it to me now as you’re running so fast to get to the finish line, you don’t realize you ran right past it.  The finish line is behind you. Turn around,look behind you and slow down. This is my understanding of be in the NOW.  Appreciate and live in the now. Be present in your present. Too many are trying to get to the future, the finish line. When your reach your finisn line your done. You “start over” in a new physical life if you choose and learn the lessons that you ran past, trying to get to the finish line. So SLOW DOWN. You are missing the best part. They are missing the journey. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees either. I was running as fast as I could to get to next and I kept missing it. Had to kept repeating over and over doing the same thing, not moving, just stuck. 

They helped me understand this message with the song “THE CLIMB” by Miley Cyrus.      



I kept questioning over and over again so, where are you. They kept sending me back to these same pictures. I say “they” because I know now that it was them and there are so many, I can’t name them all, but it was my “intuition”. The first thought. They are your intuition until your ego jumps in or your unconscious. Whole new post there.  It started with one, Azreal, with each baby step and raising of my awareness, more and more have joined in and allowed me to see them and take their pictures. At this present time, I communicate with hundreds,switching back and forth, some I know by name and others I dont. They say names are not important to anyone but me. It’s a waste of energy.  


It wasn’t until I lowered my expectations of what I wanted to see, set my determination to I’m going to figure this out, and took baby steps. Slow and easy, like a baby learning to walk.  Now, each time I see a “new” set of pictures, (I take pictures and videos every day and/or night) I would have flashbacks to previous pictures, aha, puzzle piece connected.  Realization… OHHHH holy goodness, that was you or there you are again, Oh that’s what you were trying to show me or guide me or teach me. I love what I call “WOW” moments. I’ll explain more about this with the next post, part 3,with these pictures I’m talking about now, will be on it.       


To this day, I’ll see something new in a picture I just took and I’ll say, WOW, I would like to know what that is or what does that mean.? After having a “WOW” moment, I would think, there isn’t anything they could possibly do to top that.  That is the most indescribable phenomenon I have ever been privileged to see. I would literally drop my jaw, say WWOOOOOWW!! How did you do that, that’s unbelievable! Incredible! OMG! Literally take your breath away. They told me to stop thinking they couldn’t “top that”. If I kept that choice,and kept creating that energy,  I would manifest it and in the process, stop my progress. Or I would say, when talking to my friends “you’re not going to BELIEVE what they did! Stop saying that or they won’t believe it. So I stopped and took a step forward. Thoughts, choices, decisions, perceptions,and words, spoken and unspoken, create your reality. So now I say” I’m so excited to show you or share with you, what they shared and showed me today. Or I’m so excited to see what’s next. That keeps the “jump up and down happy ” feeling in motion.  Much much better than doubt and disbelief. Changes my whole outlook on life.   



I have been informed that most of our human minds, at this time, can’t imagine what they are capable of and that we are capable of doing exactly, what they are doing. See there, you just doubted that. That’s why we do baby steps. Right now, the only information I have about what they are doing is healing, shifting, and preparing “Mother Earth” and us with Universal Love and Light for the betterment of humankind and the shift.  My mind is not ready or at a high enough vibration to understand any more than that, at this time.  When I’m ready, I’ll share with you. I’ve learn to just go with the flow. They know the priority of what would benefit me.  


When you look at the pictures, they can connect with you  through your eyes and heart chakra. They have the ability to “heal” you in baby steps, if you give them permission and ask for their help. Try looking at their pictures for a while and see If you feel better. Remember to ask for help, give permission, and say I am willing. You can feel better. More and more each time. Try it. What have you got to lose?     


Each baby step and new puzzle piece would help me understand what was happening. The picture at the beginning of this post, I missed Azreal 3 times before I finally noticed her in the lower left hand corner. Her shape changed and I didn’t realize it. I have since found out, they do what is called “shape shifting, yet again another post. Both pictures  on this page, are Azreal. I first saw this picture in March of 2010. In viewing it now, as I write this post, July 23, 2010, I just noticed, up towards the center and lower right corner, are 2 of the very faint red circles. I just now noticed them. I have viewed this picture many times and never notice it until now.      



So take your time and see how many different, beautiful, what is that, you can find in the next page, part 3. It will be right in front of your eyes. Take time to see it. I will refer back to those pictures many times in future posts so you can compare the changes. If I where to show you a picture of how Azreal shows herself to me now, compare to how I first saw her, as you will, it would be too overwhelming and incomprehensible for most of you.  It’s happening to me, I “kinda sorta” know whats happening, and it still, at times boggles my mind at what they are capable of doing. I’m grateful for the baby steps. That is why they do BABY STEPS. It’s preparations for next. Just so all of you know and there are no mistakes or misunderstanding, they are here for the highest good of all and harm to none, Always, no exceptions. I will post part 3 as soon as I can. Please consider their suggestion to receive help: give thought to being open to the possibility of the possibility that they exist. Please share with your friends and visit often.       




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