This is what happened next. After I got my “senses” back,



I started flipping through the remainder of the pictures on the photo card. I’m only posting the pictures that “they” were in. Look closely at all the pictures. Some are quite obvious, while others are not. Some of the other “first appearances”,  let’s make our acquaintance” pictures are posted on Angel Wings on my home page.

This was the beginning of my baby steps and puzzle pieces to My Life Path or Life Journey. See how many you can see and how many times the “same ones” show up. This was  one of their ways to let me know there  wasn’t anything wrong with the camera or the camera photo card. Sometimes they are in the sky, sometimes they are on the ground.  Sometimes they change shape and intensity of color.

The pictures you are viewing were taken seconds apart. Some were taken minutes or hours apart and some were taken on totally different days, months apart. Later on in the days that follow, they take me to other days, that they appeared in previous pictures. More proof and confirmation for me.

All the while I’m looking at these pictures, my mind is again going click, click , click. Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? What do you want me to do? What?  Why?  When ? How? Where? On and on  I went.  They soon answered a lot of questions I was asking. They had this “part of my journey’ already mapped out and just waiting for me to ask.  Once they had my attention with the picture of “the beginning”, they knew my mind would want to know more and start a non stop mission to “find out.” They know us so well.

They were in pictures I had been taking for years.  I just didn’t make the connection. I wasn’t willing  to receive information or connect with them. I unknowingly asked them repeatedly for help. But in hindsight now, I cursed them out and refused to see them, hear them, or feel them in any way. They never gave up. Just kept trying until they found a way to get through to me. After several, and I do mean several  attempts, they finally broke through. Over the years, that hindsight thing, I remember  more and more miracles, they tried, and again, I was totally unaware.

Finally now with this picture of the “beginning” Ta Dah ! Finally, a thin crack, a small breakthrough. They have my attention. My doubt and curiosity took over. They found my Achilles Heel. Now I could start learning  about them,start the process, accept them to be real, to stop denying and doubt, so I could start with my baby steps and start putting my puzzle together. To continue on my journey, my path, my life. I will be forever grateful to them for never giving up on me. I can’t imagine my life without them in it.

Hindsight, I noticed more and more appearances in the pictures as the years progress. Especially the months and events in my life leading up to March of 2010. They proceeded to take me “backwards”  to the the preceding months of  2009, Summer, Fall, and Winter, to see them in the pictures they appeared in to start me in the process of letting go of denial and doubt. I was experiencing miracles and didn’t even consider them miracles. Thought of the miracles as coincidences. Wow, I was so wrong about that. I will have a private page just for the miracles I have experienced from the smallest to the phenomenal. All the miracles that went unnoticed, unappreciated, completely oblivious to me for years, all of the ones in between, and the ones that happened to me now,on a regular basis.  I now thoroughly accept and acknowledge them for the true miracles that they are. They have saved my life and my children many times. I have a video on YOUTUBE now of them protecting my daughter while she was riding my horse. They have always been here. I just didn’t know it. They gave me proof.   I will continue to share this proof with you. Now I’m returning their unconditional love and showing my gratitude by helping those of you that I can, that choose this experience.

Normally when I take pictures, I would look at them within a few days. When the pictures  on this page were taken, I had no desire to look at the pictures until several months later. Just another  perfect dance step in their guidance  for me. They were gathering MY PROOF and peaking my curiosity to I wouldn’t blew them off.

It’s been explained to me, that’s it’s  being done that way so it couldn’t be explained away as a one time thing. Right in front of me several times. Gradually releasing doubt and allowing the possibility of the possibility,that this was real, was happening, wasn’t just a one time thing.  The opening of a new door in my life to get me moving along on my journey.

So what did you think of the pictures? Did you notice more than one? What else was your attention drawn to? It will be different for some. Not all who look will see or noticed the same things. Your own individual attention is being drawn to specifics in the pictures and other  people who view, will not necessarily notice unless brought to their attention by another person. Look at them several times and on different days. See what you notice. Look at it with another person and see what each of you notice or “miss”. You may be very surprised.


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