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PART ONE: Asking for Help 



Before I tell you about my actual miracles, they wanted this page to precede my page about my miracles. My miracles aren’t on this page.  There has been a change in my plans. So if miracles are what you would like to read about, they are going to be on another page. As of today, August 26, 2010… I haven’t posted them yet. This comes first. 



They have such a sense of humor. They know you would go to the Miracle page first. I was going to change the title of this page to realizing and releasing. How to raise your vibrations. They said No, leave as “My miracles”.  More will come here, first.  They want to receive miracles. This will help guide them on “how to “. They want YOU to read THIS page first. You would benefit more from reading this. This will get you closer to where you are trying to go. It is your choice. They are hoping they have your curisoity peaked. 



This page is about realizing and releasing.  This is, in part, why the law of attraction isn’t working for most people. The Law of Attraction does work. My experience is you have to get the “crap” that’s blocking it from working, released first. Make room for it, so to speak. Which after people try  to apply the lessons, have done exactly what the CD, DVD,  or book has taught them to do, they wait and try some more, vision board, thought affirmations, whatever,  and it still doesn’t work, they get discouraged and start with “I knew it wouldn’t work for me”. “Nothing good ever happens to me”. This  “Luck” happens to others people.  



They just reinforced negative fear. Most of us have ingrain thought patterns, choices, identifications and much more energy attached to fears that are keeping us from manifesting our positive choices and experiences.  Most of us have more negative energy than positive energy, which throws us out of balance. Most people will deny this saying,” Oh no! I’m a very positive person”.  “I don’t let anything bother me”. “I forgive and love everybody”.  “I love myself”. They won’t like this part. They are usually just resisting/denying the negative. This is where I will lose some of you. You won’t accept what I’m saying. UMMM ….. denial? ( and how do I know this? I was one of them and sometimes still am.  Been there. Done that. Many times. Over and over again. It’s a learning process ) 


This  thought process allows them to be special, to be powerful, to be loving, to be deserving. Makes you a “good” person. Now you ” deserve”  to attract only good positive experiences. The energy that creates the fear is bigger, stronger and been supported much longer than the positive new energy they are trying to apply. The positive energy can only fight and struggle to survive for so long and it just finally gets overpowered and sinks to the “bottom”. 


Example they showed me.. picture your life as a big huge cup where you put all your choices and experiences. If the majority of your choices are negetive  fear ( examples of   fear…guilt, control, lack, failure, not good enough, worthless, anger, unlovable, lonely, undeserving, blame, shame, doubt, and on and on) now, you picture your “cup of life” full to the top with, excuse me, S__T.  The S__T represents the negative fear you’re experiencing in your life by your choices. 


I mean it is full, to the top. Now you decide to try harder, change your attitude, you can do better, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Oh yeah,that worked! Something great just happened to you. Wow, positive thoughts and affirmations attracted some happy positive for me.  Now throw  that something positive in your cup of life. What happens?  It sinks to the bottom and is all covered with, you got it S__T. Keeping trying. Now throw the positive “yeah for me, I did it!” in the cup. You got it. Now the S__T is overflowing all over. Its FULL. Nowhere to go. Throw some more in . Mix it up.  Throw a whole bunch of positive fears and choices in there. Yes positive is described as fear also. Love based fear. Get a variety going. Your moving right along now. This is great. It’s working! YEAAAAHHH! 



You are in it up to your knees, trying to wade through it all. What the heck happened? Oh no! I failed. How the heck did that happen? I was being so positive. Why did it stop? Where the hell did the happy go!? Welcome depression. More failure, more guilt. More negative fear. More despair. Get the picture. The negative is stronger.  It felt it was losing ground so to speak. Usually it’s your ego fighting to get his balance. Negative has been there longer and just keeps growing, getting stronger while the poor little positive trying to say yeah for me, doesn’t stand a chance. Every Time ‘Little Miss positive happy pants” tries to open her mouth, she  gets “bitch slapped”, slam dunked and another mouthful of shut up, you are  full of crap.  All covered in S__T.  Why should I keep trying?… jumps in now. 



Now here’s the good news. YOU CAN EMPTY OUT THE CUP. Hose it out and start with a clean cup. Release the negative and start filling your cup with positive happy, so the crap doesn’t stand a chance.  



They will show you and guide you on “how to” empty the cup. Get rid of all the crap and make room for “happy”. Stop crapping in your cup. The first step is asking for help and giving them permission to help you. This is the hard part. I’ll give you a heads up. Its not going to be the kind of help you think you asked for. Another heads up. It is just what you asked for. Understanding and realizing “their help is crucial. Let go of the expectation of what and how the help is. Then pay attention to your intuition. In order to get to “jump up and down Happy”, you can’t throw the cup away.  You can’t get a new one.  You can’t ignore it, or pretend it doesn’t exist.  Correction: you can… but that will keep you where you are, not where you and they are trying to guide you to.  That’s  part of the  hold up. That’s where you are stuck at now. 



People that seem to “have it all”… emptied their cups. Affirmations and positive thoughts are crucial. They do work. Like attract like. Positive attracts faster than negative. Louise Hay is one of my favorite authors. I recommend her book, you can heal your life. I’m all for positive. My point is you have to make room for it. 





You have to clean your cup out. Another big part of this is WHAT YOU RESIST…PERSISTS. The more to resist, the bigger and stronger it persists. A good example (from my own experience )of this is when I don’t like a feeling or thought, I would try to control it. Like jealousy or anger.  Losing your temper. Experincing anger. You don’t like the way it makes you feel, so you resist it. The more you try not to be jealous, the more you become jealous. Situations and thoughts keep popping into your head that reinforce or bring up thoughts of jealousy or anger. Or maybe you refuse to consider you are negative. To most people, to be negative is not what or how they want to think of themselves. That would make them a bad person.  Oh yeah. Now here comes JUDGEMENT. I have a lot of difficulty with judgement. They ( when I say they, I’m referring to you, or the human person not the angels) judge this fear as bad, which in turn would make them bad. So they consciously or unconsciously (that one sucks! when your unconscious make a choice) I have learned over the last 2 years, there is no good or bad, its just an experience that we chose to experience. ALL FEAR IS LOVE. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. I know, WHAT? Fear is the illusion of the absence of God and love.  Illusion !?? Bull____ ! This isn’t an fricking illusion.. this is happening to me right now. I have struggled with that one for years. 



I don’t mean to offend anyone or tell you what to believe,  what to choose or do. This is not religious. Believe whatever you choose. Supreme Being, Source, Divine Creator,  God, Jesus, nobody or nothing. Your Choice. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t change anything. You do not have to change your belief system or religious back ground or give anything up. One thing has nothing to do with the other. It just is. It has nothing to do with your deep commitment to your religion or  lack of religion and anything in between. I’m not religious, but I am very spiritual. This is not about religion. This is about spirituality. Choices and Free Will. Creating your reality. Finding your way to happy. 



Everything that happens to you, in your lifetime, is something you created by a choice, at some time in your life, to experience. Whether it is a conscious or unconscious choice, you made it , at some point in your life. Yet another very hard concept for me to accept. Maybe at a young age that you don’t remember. That would be the “Wow, I remember when that happened! ” Why would I think of that now? Pay attention to that when it happens. It was “put” into you thought process for a reason. That’s your help. 



Once excepted, you can learn how to release that choice. The first step is asking and giving permission for them to help. They will help you no matter what you believe, don’t believe, and no matter what you have or haven’t done. Does not matter. Think about that. It really doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to believe in them… but it sure makes things go smoother, faster, and easier when you do. 



There is nothing wrong or right about it, it just is. Believe me, I know.  I am speaking from experience. Anything and everything on my site is from my own personal experience of it.  I have lived it or I am living it. This is not just my beliefs, it has at one point of time, somewhere in my life times, been my reality. 



Very hard concept of me. Most of the time, not always, most people have several negative “fears ingrain” into them. I was one of those people. Still am. However, I am learning how to release the fears and return to “balance” quicker . When you are out of balance, nothing works right. I still get stuck. Lots of times. But they have and many other humans here, have given me the tools or use their own skills, abilities, and talents to help me move forward or release. I am giving you tools to use, to help them, help you, help yourself. Not accepting help is a big block.  



Example: You have a new project or job to do. People try to help you with it and you reply: I can do it by myself. I can do it the way I want. No thanks, I’ve got it under control. I rather do it this way. It’s faster if I do it. I don’t need help. This is my own personal favorite to use: No, MY way is better. This is reinforcing “NO HELP ALLOW” Big fear. Any of those thoughts remind you of you? They are choices you made. You won’t allow help. You don’t need, want, or require help. So therefore, they can’t help you.  There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not bad or evil or undeserving. This is, in part, why you think they aren’t there. They are there. Always have been. Always will be. Just waiting on you to ask them and give them permission to HELP you. 

 You made a choice to not receive help.  Free will and Free choice. It’s that simple.  Give them permission to help you. Do you hear me?  They are just sitting there, waiting on you to ask them and give them permission. If you have made that choice to deny, refuse or just not allow help, that will block you. Especially if you made it years ago. The energy behind that choice has more power and is bigger than  the choice of “Okay, you can help me now.” Once you give them permission, they can start guiding you to release your “blocks”. It will start the process of emptying out your cup and make room for new. 





SO DO IT NOW…. ASK FOR THEIR HELP AND GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO SO. You can just “think it ” to yourself or you can say it out loud. They hear you either way. They have been waiting a very long time for this moment, so just do it. It’s your first baby step. Look at the pictures and video on my site on a regular basis especially if your sad ,”lost, confused etc. Yet another way for them to connect to you. The bonus if your in the I am happy mode, the pictures and videos work to boost that even higher. Try it and see. Nothing to lose and all to gain. 

As I stated at the beginning of this post , this is what most of who will visit my site will benefit them most, when they read it. I post what I’m guided. 





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