PREVIOUS VIDEOS,POSTS AND PAGES CAN BE FOUND HERE. Click  on the topic of your interest in the ARCHIVES at the top of the home page.  Thank yo for being patient. At this time, it is taking me a very long time to post videos. I’m learning this “website input” in baby steps too.  There is a large amount of trial and error. Picture size is a big issue I’m dealing with now as you will notice on the feature gallery carousol on the home page.Trust me… it will be worth the wait. Check back often. I’m am trying to post a video of the week and then transfer it to the archives. There should be a “drop down” on the archives for videos and gallery pictures.   The story or explantation of the picture and videos will follow later.  There will also be a drop down on previous posts for newcomers to my site. I wanted to get the videos and pictures started first.Thanks for your patience and interest. Please leave comments. It helps me to know your interests  and what you would like to see or read about on my site thanks again.   



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